WhatsApp would be preparing a function so that no one sees the status ‘Online’

WhatsApp would be preparing a function so that no one sees the status 'Online'
WhatsApp 'Online' status.  (photo: Mundoaccounts)
WhatsApp ‘Online’ status. (photo: Mundoaccounts)

WhatsApp prepares the release of a highly requested feature, the ability to hide when user is onlinean invisible way for people to be inside the app without the contacts knowing, and thus go completely unnoticed.

When one is inside WhatsApp, anyone who is saved in contacts will be able to see the inscription ‘Online’ if he opens the conversation with one; that means that that person knows that WhatsApp is open at that moment and is seeing the chat or something else.

Currently, you can hide the ‘Last time’ registration in WhatsApp, but not the ‘online’ registration, and precisely the latter is what WhatsApp will also allow to hide in the not too distant future according to WABetaInfo. The parameter can be adjusted from the application settings.

However, the novelty has a somewhat peculiar operation to what might be expected from the beginning. There will be no option to directly hide the ‘Online’ status in WhatsAppbut the option will depend on another that will appear just above.

WhatsApp.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp. (photo: WABetaInfo)

There will be two options for stealth mode that will allow you to hide if you are online on WhatsApp; one is called ‘All’ and the other ‘Same as last seen’. The user would have to choose the last option, but would also have to check that the last connection should not be shown to anyone.

That is, the user I would have to put ‘No one’ in the option ‘Last seen’ and then put ‘Same as last seen’ in the ‘Who can see you’re online’ section.

Stealth mode will be more or less restrictive depending on what has been marked in the other option above. That means the user will be able to hide their online status for all contacts or just some, or just all your contacts.

– The invisible mode of WhatsApp for iOS will be in Settings > Account > Privacy.

– In the case of WhatsApp for Android will be found in Settings > Account > Privacy.

The new privacy setting will be available on WhatsApp for Android, for iOS and also on whatsapp web and Desktop. The ability to hide WhatsApp online registration is still under development and may still be a long time coming.

Status of 'Online' in WhatsApp.  (photo: Mag El Comercio)
Status of ‘Online’ in WhatsApp. (photo: Mag El Comercio)

2 methods to send images without losing quality in WhatsApp

WhatsApp automatically reduces the clarity of the image to minimize the file size. And finally, all the photos that were taken during a wonderful vacation will look like they were taken with a 2MP mobile camera.

Also, send by email such large files is not easy or comfortable for the average user of Internet. So the question is Is there a way to send uncompressed images on WhatsApp? the answer is positive and also, in 2 different ways:

Method 1: Send the original image through WhatsApp by changing the name

– Open any file browser and change the name of the image to send from image.jpg (or .png or .jpeg) to image.pdf or image.doc.

– The browser may show a warning message after changing the name. You have to ignore it and continue.

– Now the specific image is converted to a file pdf/doc. You can easily attach this file as a document and send it to the recipient.

– Now you have to ask the recipient to change the name of image.pdf to image.jpg using the file explorer.

Illustrative file photo of the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone Sep 15, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/
Illustrative file photo of the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone Sep 15, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/

Method 2: Directly attach as a document in WhatsApp

– This method is quite simple. All you have to do is open WhatsApp and Enter the recipient’s profile.

– now choose attach it as a document and the file explorer will open.

– From there, select Browse other documents and load a folder of images from the menu.

– This will directly download the entire folder like a document.

– The images will be sent without any type of compression.

A photo as a document in WhatsApp.  (photo: Xataka)
A photo as a document in WhatsApp. (photo: Xataka)