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WhatsApp will limit the forwarding of messages in groups

The next update of WhatsApp will include a feature that aims to minimize (even more) the forwarding of messages containing hoaxes or false information.


Wabetainfo, a website that specializes in news about the instant messaging app property of Goalrevealed that the latest beta version of the app includes a new limit on messages that are forwarded. This focuses mainly on group conversations.

At the moment, WhatsApp limits forwarded messages to up to five conversations. That is, if the sender wants to forward messages to more contacts, whether written by himself or messages from other chats, he can only select 5 contacts at the same time.


Once this limit is exceeded, the user will need to perform the action again. However, this limit also applies to groups, so the sender can easily forward this message to five group chats to distribute this disinformation to more people. In the second case, WhatsApp wants to be more restrictive.

The new WhatsApp restriction to avoid misinformation


With the new feature, available starting today in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and that will arrive in final version, It will no longer be possible to forward texts that a contact previously forwarded to multiple group conversations.

In other words, if a message is received and marked as forwarded, it can only be forwarded to a group, even if the content of that conversation does not include misinformation or fake news. If you want to send this message to another group, you will need to do the same thing again.

This restriction only applies to forwarded messages, but not those created by oneself.


WhatsApp will also allow you to create conversations with numbers that are not in the agenda

WhatsApp will also include the opportunity to chat with numbers from telephone registered in the instant messaging application, but not necessarily that they are registered in the contact list of the cell phone. The platform adds this function in the final beta, as a new menu appears every time the user clicks on a message that contains the phone number.

This menu will show three options:

– The first option is a button to add this phone number to contacts.

– The second option is for make a call to this number.

– The third option is a direct access to open a WhatsApp discussion with this contact.

WhatsApp, it should be remembered, has allowed chatting with users who are not on the agenda of the mobile devicebut only in some cases. For example, if the recipient has the user’s contact and it is he who initiates a chat.

The new message forwarding limits and the ability to start a conversation with a person who is not scheduled in the cell phone contacts are already available in the beta version of iOS and Android. Soon they will be available in an official version, we just have to wait.

So you can send a message without the label ‘forwarded’ appearing

1. Press and hold the message you want to share and the copy icon will appear on the screen.

2. Choose this option to copy the message and then paste it into another chat. That way the content will have been shared without the ‘forwarded’ caption.

3. In the case of videos, photos or other types of files, you must press on said content

4. The share icon will appear. Press there and choose the conversation to which you want to send the message.

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