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WhatsApp will allow you to open the app on two mobiles at the same time

WhatsApp will allow you to open the app on two mobiles at the same time

WhatsApp is working on a new option that will allow you to open the same account on two mobiles simultaneously.

It is a functionality for Android that It will be used to use the instant messaging application with the same phone number or user on two cell phones at the same time.

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to link the smartphone application with other devices, such as a tablet or computer, through the option “Linked devices” of the web version.

With that tool, it is possible to use up to four paired devices and one phone at a time. In the event that more than 14 days have passed and the mobile has not been used, the related equipment will be disconnected, as stated by the company on its website.

But that option, as indicated before, only allows you to have a connected mobile. The novelty now is that the company is developing an alternative to use the same account on two mobile devices at the same time.

The site specialized in the analysis of this application WABetaInfo noticed a change in version available for the Android beta program. It is a modification in the way that the user has to link an account with other devices.

In a screenshot shared by this portal, a new section called “Register device as a plugin”, which will appear when the user tries to open the application on a second mobile.

To link the application in both, it will be necessary scan, with the second mobile, the QR code that will be seen on the screen of the main device. In the future, this will also allow a tablet with an Android operating system to be linked as a secondary device.

At the moment the release date of this new feature is unknown, since it is a function in development. It is also not known if it will be implemented in iOS, although it usually happens that the news lands, although not necessarily simultaneously, in both systems.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same cell phone

It is possible, if you have a device with dual SIM, that you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile. The possibility of using this option depends on the type of equipment you have. Many manufacturers integrate a tool to have Applications dual, that is, to duplicate apps.

This is the case of Samsung, for example, which integrates DualMessenger, and allows you to log in to a second account in the apps of certain services, such as WhatsApp. In the case of Oneplus, the option is called Parallel applications; and in the case of Xiaomi, Cloned Apps.

In all cases this tool activated from the Settings menu. You have to enter the gear icon, go to the internal search engine, type the name of the function you want to locate and then activate the virtual switch. Then you have to follow the steps in each case and thus you will have the option to log in to two different accounts in the same mobile app.

In the event that this tool is not available, then you have to resort to third-party applications. There are several options available, among which are Parallel Space that in addition to enabling the possibility of duplicating apps, allows you to customize each one of them, as the user wishes. In this note you can find the step by step to activate this tool and some of the previously mentioned ones to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile.


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