Home Social Media WhatsApp will add a new button to pause voice memo recordings

WhatsApp will add a new button to pause voice memo recordings

WhatsApp will add a new button to pause voice memo recordings

WhatsApp will soon add a button to its Android app that will allow you to pause the recording of messages voice. It is a function that is now available for beta users of that operating system and also, for the version of the service on Windows, macOS as well as iOS.

The novelty is that it will soon reach all Android users. This function, which allows you to pause and then resume the audio recording, can be very useful if you are making a voice memo and there is an interruption.

In the latest beta of WhatsApp ( you can already see a new button with the icon that represents “pause” and that is activated when an audio is being recorded. By pressing it, the recording of the message stops and then you can continue recording at any time by pressing the microphone icon.


How to be a WhatsApp beta user on Android

To test the latest news that WhatsApp is developing before they are made public and are accessible to all users, it is necessary to sign up for the beta tester program. This allows access to the functions and tools with which you are experimenting with the application. Also, you can give feedback and report bugs that are identified.


It should be noted that beta or test versions are unstable and therefore inconveniences may appear. that cause the app to occasionally crash, crash, or otherwise crash. Therefore, if you prefer to avoid any type of inconvenience, it is best to continue using the public version that is debugged and therefore more stable.

To be a beta tester on Android you have to enter the following link and click where it says “Become a tester”. An update will be received from the WhatsApp application that accounts for the change made. Keep in mind that this program has quotas, so there are times when there are vacancies and others when there are not.

It is possible to unsubscribe from the testing program at any time, simply by clicking on the button that says “Exit the program” and that is located at the bottom of the page mentioned above. You can still use the public version of WhatsApp after doing this.


More news for WhatsApp

WhatsApp will add several new features to its application. Here are two of the most interesting news that will come to the messaging service.

1. Emoticons to react to WhatsApp

iMessage, FacebookMessenger and Instagram already have this function, and Goal will add emoticons to reply to messages that people send and receive on WhatsApp.

To use it, you will have to press the message in question and then slide your finger on the emoticon you want to use. The reaction will be seen for everyone and will appear under text or images.

2. Group administrators will be able to delete messages sent by chat members

Messaging app developers are working on a new chat feature for group admins. This will allow the group creator delete messages sent by other members.

In this way, administrators have more control over what is shared in the WhatsApp group. When a message is deleted, the following note appears: “This has been deleted by the administrator”.

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