WhatsApp: this is how messages are sent with different fonts on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp: this is how messages are sent with different fonts on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp it remains one of the main tools to communicate with friends, co-workers, family and others. Now, A secret trick has gained popularity, which allows you to change the font of your messages without problems. Even better, the first two methods (of 3) do not require the installation of any application, and are available for Android and iPhone, and the last way to change the WhatsApp font is with the help of an app. TechMarkup brings all the steps in this article.

In general, most of the WhatsApp tricks that circulate around Internet require the installation of applications developed by third parties. However, for the first 2 methods it will not be necessary to download any software unknown in the smartphone or computergiven that also works with whatsapp web.

What will be done is not to change the font type, because WhatsApp only uses one font and if the font is changed in the mobile devicethe changes others will not see them. so this note will focus on 3 methods that make font changes visible to others; that is, change the font or use Unicode characters.

Use a unicode typography website

The first option is to visit a website that specializes in converting any text to Unicode, such as qaz.wtf/u/convert.cgi. technically speaking, this site does not provide sources, but the recipients of the messages will see certain combinations of codes and symbols in the same way. Here is the step by step:

1. Enter the application Google Chrome (or any other browser to have in the cell phone) and find the page Unicode text converter https://qaz.wtf/u/convert.cgi.

2. You will see a box at the top. There you have to write the message you want to send by Whatsapp.

3. Press the S buttonhow and wait a few seconds.

4. The phrase will appear written in different fonts.

5. Copy the one you like the most and then stick it in any WhatsApp chat.

6. Keep in mind that you have to repeat the steps every time you want to send a message.

Use font codes

Another alternative is to use type codes to bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospaced. All you have to do is put some code at the beginning and end of the text you want. Then the text will have one format or another. Here are the steps:

– Write in bold with WhatsApp: you have to write the word or phrase that you want to put in bold between asterisks

: *example*.– Write in cursive with WhatsApp

: write the word or phrase you want to italicize between underscores (_): _example_.– Write in strikethrough with WhatsApp

: you have to write the word or phrase you want to cross out between tildes (~): ~example~.– Write in monospace with WhatsApp

: you have to write the word or phrase you want to put in monospace between three open accents (`): “`example“`.

Use a unicode keyboard

And the third alternative would be to use a keyboard that supports unicode, so you can allow the user to use different letters that everyone can see. The most popular and recommended isFonts , available for Android at google play and to iOS onapp store .

You have to download the keyboard and configure it as the keyboard you want to use. Then, simply choose a combination of Unicode letters and start typing to send it. It works like a normal keyboard and, in addition to letters,

Other types of symbols can also be used.