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WhatsApp: the trick to send audios with the voice of Mariano Closs, the Argentine soccer narrator

As is already well known, WhatsApp is one of the Applications most used in the world. Millions of users are the ones who choose this app to communicate with everyone regardless of geographical distance. To get a good reference among their consumers, the creators always surprise with constant updates and tricks that are released to give to the community.


Texts, videos, documents, PDFs, images and more files can be sent through WhatsApp. Also, users have the important option to send voice notes.

Therefore, if you are a user who likes sports; and above all the soccer and usually talks every day with friends or family on WhatsApp, then TechMarkup will show how you can send an audio with the voice of Mariano Clossthe Argentine sports journalist and professional reporter who works for the television network ESPN.

No need to download an external app or program


The trick can be performed from Fake Youa website that stands out for making sounds with the voices of different anime characters, films and even series or programs of television; the best known are: Mariano Closs, Donald Trump, Rey Misterio and even Elmo.

You can also find the voices of the authentic Romero Garcia (who did the voice of Darth Vader in Spanish), Mario Castaneda (Goku), Victor Manuel Espinoza (Homero), among others who do the dubbing in Spanish, English and Japanese for Latin America.

How to send audio with the voice of Mariano Closs


1. Make sure have the latest version of WhatsApp on the device. If it is installed, there will be no problem sending audio.

2. Now, from a mobile phone or computer, Must visit

3. Once inside, you have to fill in the spaces: in Category you have to change it to ‘Television’ and in Voice different characters can be chosen; such as Homer Simpson, Goku, Dexter and of course Mariano Closs.


4. Once the above is done, you can see a empty white box. There you must write the text you want to send. For example, you can write to his best friend and say: “Messi faces, Messi has it and goal, goal, goal”.

5. A little further down there is a button that says To talk. Press and then you will see that the audio is played automatically.

6. Finally, touch the three dots icon along with the sounds download the audio and that’s it, you can share the audio with a friend on WhatsApp.

Android: how to set the sound of Homer as a WhatsApp message tone

1. Download the Homer Simpson audio in MP3 format first. To find the audio in Youtube can be entered in this link. To lower it into a smartphone various pages could be used download music from this portal, it is only necessary to paste the link and choose the format.

2. Once the file has been downloaded homer simpson audio, anger WhatsApp and touch the icon three points located in the upper right corner.

3. Select the option of Setting and later Notifications.

4. Enter the option notification tone and by default the ringtone will appear.

5. Go to the end and you will find the option Add ringtone.

6. Touch it and search for Homer Simpson MP3 audio which was downloaded from YouTube.

That would be all. After save changes, when a contact writes to you on WhatsApp, the default message tone will no longer be heard, but the voice of Homer Simpson.

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