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WhatsApp: the trick to have the buzzes of Windows Live Messenger as a notification

WhatsApp: the trick to have the buzzes of Windows Live Messenger as a notification
Buzz on WhatsApp.  (photo: Political Chain)
Buzz on WhatsApp. (photo: Political Chain)

One of the tricks most conspicuous of WhatsAppthe instant messaging application most widely used in the world, is sweeping the social media by allowing users change the default ringtone smartphone to the hums of nostalgic Windows Live Messenger, one of the most popular programs microsoft which was very popular for several years. before. If any reader has already been struck by reading the aforementioned, TechMarkup will present a simple and complete guide so that everyone can achieve it.

Windows Live Messenger, also known as MSN Messenger, In its time it had millions of users, who remember this application with much love as it had some amazing features. For example, buzzes, which allowed to annoy people who, for whatever reason, were ignoring one and did not respond to messages. Well, believable or not, there is a trick for these famous buzzes to be configured in WhatsApp.

Unlike other WhatsApp tricks that circulate on social networks, this time no need to download unknown apps on the mobile.


However, it is not available to all users, only for those who have mobile phones with Android operating system; if you have a iPhone or another apple deviceit cannot be implemented.

This is how WhatsApp can be configured to reproduce the buzzes of MSN Messenger

one. Locate the tone or sound of MSN Messenger. To do this, you can enter Youtube and look for the sound like “messenger buzz tone”, or even just click on the video shown in this article, above these lines.


2. Once found, you have to save it in the telephone with MP3 format. The easiest way to do this is to record it directly with the smartphone. You can also use native apps Windowslike the voice recorder, and send it to the cell phone.

3. Once downloaded, access WhatsApp and click on the three points located in the upper right corner.

4. Within the menu that is displayed, select the option ‘Settings’.

5. Access the section ‘Notifications’.

6. Now click on the option ‘Notification tone’ to bring up the list of sounds available on the phone.

7. Select notification tone that has been obtained previously and that’s it. You already have the new tone configured in WhatsApp.

And well, as you can imagine, These instructions are equally valid for customizing notifications with any sound you like.

MSN buzz on WhatsApp.  (photo: as.com)
MSN buzz on WhatsApp. (photo: as.com)

Why MSN Messenger failed to remain the king of messaging

Just when it was at its best, MSN Messenger had to contend with two rivals of colossal dimensions, that not only would mean his end, but would even change the social panorama of the time. Many readers know well what TechMarkup refers to, because they live with them every day: the smartphone Y social networks.

The smartphone it damaged the traditional instant messaging programs through a barrage of new offers, the popular apps, which came to provide thousands of alternatives to Msn Messenger. As is well known, a few months after smartphones became popular, WhaptsApp took over the throne of messaging apps, snatching millions of users from traditional programs.

Facebook on a smartphone.  (photo: Five Days)
Facebook on a smartphone. (photo: Five Days)

On the other hand, the social media they would take over the leisure time of millions of users, assuming another very strong line of competition for MSN Messenger. Spreading like wildfire and arranging some of them (especially Hi5 Y Facebook) of internal chat, they would mean the promotion of a new way of communicating that is still very much in force today.

MSN Messenger was not able to survive so many changes and quickly lost users, until Microsoft decided to replace it with Skypeannouncing its final closure on October 31, 2014.

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