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WhatsApp: surveys would also reach individual conversations

WhatsApp will allow you to create polls in groups. (photo: GizLogic)

WhatsApp is testing the ability of create polls in individual chats to make it much easier to reach an agreement with a family member, best friend or even a partner.

And it is that the instant messaging service continues to present many new features for users of iPhone Y Androidand in the famous WhatsApp groups it became clear that everyone wants to express their opinion, and for this the company is working on the possibility of launching a series of surveys or polls.

Thanks to surveys or polls in WhatsApp or in whatsapp webit will be possible to know the opinion on a particular subject in an amazingly fast way, ideal to define some type of plan among a group of friends or relatives.

How polls would work in individual chats

Until now, however, the ability to conduct surveys or polls in WhatsApp groups has been tested, which is very logical, but now it seems that the company is bringing this function to individual chats, and it can also wake up a lot. mind

And chatting with a best friend or partner and deciding on a plan based on a simple poll can be so much more fun, and with the latest android beta version random users can do just that, even create polls in one-on-one conversations.

As Wabetainfo points out, users could now create polls to share in one-on-one chats and have exactly the same interface as a group poll.

WhatsApp surveys.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp surveys. (photo: WABetaInfo)

As with group surveys, you can add up to 12 options for each question and of course these polls are fully encrypted so no one else can see the content, not even WhatsApp engineers or anyone in Goal.

Currently, this ability to create individual polls is available to a few lucky beta testers who have downloaded the latest Android beta, and should probably be available to all other iPhone versions and users.

Thus, WhatsApp users or even WhatsApp Web users can create all kinds of surveys, either for groups or in one-on-one conversations, which makes it easier to reach an agreement at the end for the year-end plans, which It will be done on Halloween or other situations that sometimes it is not so easy to be clear about.

Two new WhatsApp features for more privacy

1. Unique display

Users have available a functionality that allows them to send photos and videos that can only be seen once by the person or persons to whom it is addressed. In addition, these multimedia files will not be stored in the photo galleries of the devices from other persons.

As indicated WhatsApp on your privacy page, this feature also prevents images that were submitted in this way from being forwarded, saved, featured, or shared within the platform. Messenger service.

08-04-2021 'Single display' in temporary messages POLITICS INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY WHATSAPP
08-04-2021 ‘Single display’ in temporary messages POLITICS INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY WHATSAPP

2. Two-Step Verification

This method of account security allows users to add another level of privacy and be notified of possible income remotely on devices not authorized to the account.

To activate it, the user must go to the Settingsthen to the option Billand finally to the section Two-Step Verification. Once inside, a 6-digit PIN code can be configured together with a email sure.

To be able to access the account from a different mobile device, WhatsApp will request a 6-digit password different from the one established at the beginning and that will be sent by means of an email to the email address previously indicated by the user.


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