WhatsApp sticker packs for Easter

WhatsApp sticker packs for Easter

In festive seasons, such as Holy Weekit is common for the number of messages sent by different messaging services to increase, including WhatsApp. Stickers are a good way to send a greeting on occasions like these. Below are some applications that have packs with graphics linked to Holy Week, Easter and the Christian creed.

Besides, tools are offered to create custom stickers with third-party services or with the tool incorporated into WhatsApp web.

1. Easter Stickers

The app has more than 200 stickers with Christian phrases, messages or verses to share on WhatsApp and can also be added to Telegram. It includes several packages alluding to this festivity, commemorating the different stages of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

2. Christian Stickers

This app includes more than 250 stickers with Christian phrases and verses to share easily. The platform contains several packages with gospel stickers. Each of them includes more than 15 different graphics.

3. Jesus Christ & Bible Verse Stickers

It has a large collection of Christian stickers and emojis, from bible verses and gospel stickers even of Jesus. There are options with phrases, images, and phrases alluding to different Christian holidays.

4. Jesus Stickers

The platform includes not only images of Jesus but also images of saints, angels, the Virgin Mary and phrases from the Bible. There are more than 250 stickers with Christian texts and verses to share.

5. WAStickerApps Christian Stickers

Includes more than 40 stickers with Christian phrases. Some of them have Christian phrases, greetings and words of reflection. Ideal for Easter and other times of the year too.

6. Easter Postcard Stickers

This application allows you to create an image to send to family and friends. It is possible to create a montage between the included stickers and mobile photos.

Create custom stickers

with apps

There are several applications to create personalized stickers. They all work more or less the same: the user generates a pack, uploads the photos and cuts out the background, which in some cases is manual and in others, automated.

Then texts or other decorative tools are added and when the pack is ready it is added to WhatsApp. Available apps include Sticker.ly, Sticker Maker, Wemoji.

animated stickers

To make animated stickers, GIFs should be used as a base. In other words, the same procedure mentioned above is repeated, with some of the available apps, but instead of selecting a static photo, a GIF is selected.

It should be remembered that WhatsApp integrates a function to create these small clips. This tool can be useful to make the mentioned stickers. In this case, the user should create the GIF (the steps are detailed below), then download it to his device and then use one of the mentioned platforms and create his pack.

Create stickers from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp recently offered a new option that allows you to create stickers from the platformwithout resorting to third-party services.

This tool is available on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop for Windows. Once the sticker is created, it can be saved and also used in the mobile version.

The first step is to open WhatsApp web or the Windows version and enter a chat. Then press the clip icon and then a menu will be displayed where you have to choose what you want to send. There you have to choose the option that says “Sticker”.

Doing so will open a window and you will have to choose the photo you want to use to create the graphic you want. It can be any type of content that has been downloaded to the computer or your own photos.

After selecting the photo, you will see that a series of tools will appear in the upper margin to create the sticker: you can draw, crop, rotate or write on the image. It is also possible to add the emojis. It is a very simple interface and the whole process is very intuitive. It also has a button to make and another to undo changes.