WhatsApp: Soon you may able to transfer WhatsApp chat history to new number

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According to a report, WhatsApp is working on a method that allows users to transfer their chat history when migrating to a new phone with a different phone number. The new development appears to be an extension of the ability to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS (vice versa) through the WhatsApp chat history migration tool. The new tool, for now, is said be in testing phase. If you want to switch From one platform to the other (i.e Android to iOS), WhatsApp chat history migration tool will help you transfer media between the platfroms.

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WABetaInfo, the Beta tracking site for WhatsApp, reports that WhatsApp is testing an updated chat history migration tool that will enable users not only to transfer their chat history to new devices on other platforms, but also on the new device with a new phone number. So, for example, if you switch your existing Android phone to a new iPhone while changing your phone number, you can easily transfer WhatsApp chat history to your new device.



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Currently, WhatsApp chat history migration tool only supports the change of phone number without losing any chat history. If you want to switch to a new device and phone number, it also allows you to transfer chat history. But in this case, the new device must be based on the same platform as the old phone. This means that if you switch between two iPhone models or two Android phones, you can transfer chat history. However, WhatsApp cannot transfer chats between Android and iPhone, and the messaging app may soon make changes in its chat history migration tool.

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Steps streamlined

WhatsApp will optimize this change in a future update. Then there will be a menu option to switch to the new phone. This option explicitly asks if the phone number has also been changed. WhatsApp stated that this step is only provided once: only when the phone is changed can the chat history be transferred, but not later.

WABetaInfo reports that the featur e is currently being developed on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone. Last month, we also found some references to chat history migration tools. However, even in the Beta test, there is no detailed information when it will be provided to users.

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