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WhatsApp: so you can change the tone of voice to more serious or acute in the app

Definitely, WhatsApp It has become one of the most important means of communication in the modern world. Millions of users of Android and iOS communicate primarily through Applicationswhich have several ways of expressing themselves, such as voice messages.


However, not everyone is comfortable with this. Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the pitch of your voice just for the sound of the app?

There is a application perfect for this task and everything will depend on the configuration of a single element, which TechMarkup will explain below.


How to change the tone of voice for WhatsApp audios

Although WhatsApp does not have a native function that allows us to modify or adapt our voice to the desired effect, There are many applications dedicated to it both in the Play Store like in the app store. Today will be one of the most effective.


On Androidone of the most effective is SuperSoundwhich can be found on the official Play Store. Its free version has many features that allow you to edit videos in detail., but we will focus on a single function. You have to follow the steps below to change the tone of voice in WhatsApp:

1. Download SuperSound from Google Play Store

2. Before opening, you have to record the audio you want in the recording app. It is recommended to do this with the original application of the smartphone.


3. . Once the recording is finished, open SuperSound.

4. The application will ask you to select a sound from the library. Select the one you recently saved.

5. It will be appreciated three sliders in the app. We are only interested in the option called Tonality.

6. Slide the pitch control to the left if you want the voice to be louder. serious and to the right if you want it to sound louder acute.

7. It is important not to overdo it. If you don’t want the voice to change too much, it is suggested that change the value to no more than 1.5 points.

8. Then click Change.

9. The sound will be processed and you will be able to hear the result; if you are satisfied, click Save.

10. Go to My sound in SuperSound and there you will see the recorded sound.

11. Click three vertical dots next to the mentioned audio and then click Share.

12. Select WhatsApp and your conversation will be edited to share audio.

WhatsApp: how to send a message without the word ‘forwarded’ appearing.

WhatsApp has, for some time, with a label “forwarded” that is attached to every message that is forwarded precisely so that the recipient of the content knows that it is something that has already been shared previously.

WhatsApp forwarding feature is a convenient way to capture a message or photo sent to you and share it with others. But when you do, the other person will get a message that it is a forwarded message.

This works when you want to share audio or images, as well as other multimedia files, since WhatsApp will show them as forwarded when they are sent to another person or group. There is a way to prevent that legend from appearing in messages:

1. Hold down the message you want to share and the icon will appear on the screen. copy.

2. Choose this option to copy the message and then stick it in another chat. That way the content will have been shared without the “forwarded” legend.

3. In the case of videos, photos or other types of files, you must press on said content.

4. The icon will appear to share. Press there and choose the conversation to which you want to send the message.

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