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WhatsApp rolls out biometric authentication for WhatsApp web.

Whatsapp’s recent privacy blunders have received a lot of criticism and due to this, WhatsApp backed out from implementing them instantly but as the matter of fact, WhatsApp lost several million followers.

Now WhatsApp is trying to benefit its users with some added security features. Recently WhatsApp has introduced biometric authentication for its users when they login to WhatsApp web. Till now we were simply used to logging in by simply scanning the QR code but now WhatsApp has added an extra layer of protection hence increasing the security for its users.


Whatsapp will now use the face id if available, or the fingerprint scanner of your mobile when you will try to log into your desktop pc or laptop.

It will not only increase the privacy of the user but it will also prevent your officemate or your housemate from using your device without your permission as WhatsApp will ask for access to the fingerprint scanner or face id which they would not be able to produce. Currently, WhatsApp does notify us through a pop-up notification, but this feature will enhance the security even more.

This new feature of WhatsApp will be rolling out in the market soon with a visual redesign of the web version of the WhatsApp to make it more user friendly.

Whatsapp is also working on the voice notes and the audio calling technology for the web version and soon be making some advancements in this feature of the web version as well.

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