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WhatsApp presents 6 reactions with emojis for messages and more privacy options

WhatsApp incorporated a new button to express reactions. This option is added to those already announced in recent days.


It should be remembered that two weeks ago the application released the beta version for Android, in which six different emoji were warned to react to messages.

These first six reactions are the same ones already included on Facebook, also owned by Meta, that is, “I like it”, “I love it”, “Smiling”, “Surprised”, “Sad” and “Thank you”.


Recently, WABetaInfo identified that the application implemented through the Google Play Beta Program, a new update that integrates a button with the option of six reactions.

Although it has not been possible to access this section, the button with a plus symbol (+) suggests that the user will be able to react to messages using an emoji other than those mentioned above.


This new version of the reactions to the messages is in development and at the moment, it is unknown what will be the new graphics that the application plans to introduce as well as its release date for beta testers.

Photos and videos in temporary chats will be automatically deleted

Another novelty is that the application will automatically delete the files sent and received in temporary chats, such as photos or videos, in order to guarantee the privacy experience in these conversations.


In the version of the Google Play Beta Program for Android, sYou can see that the platform automatically disables the option to save files in this type of chat.

This means that when activating the temporary chat option, the multimedia files are not automatically saved in the phone’s gallery, but had to be deactivated so that the application proceeds with its usual saving.

This option, identified by WABetaInfoit only affected files received through these conversations, as users could still save chat screenshots to the gallery.

The novelty is that now the company is implementing these changes to the visibility of multimedia files for all iOS and Android users.

In addition, at the time a temporary chat is deleted, the app will no longer automatically open a window where you can select the ‘Save to gallery’ option for files received via temporary chat.

The app notifies users that in order to keep files from these chats, such as images, videos, or GIFs, users must turn off the temporary messages option.

This limitation is just beginning to be implemented, so those users who wish to save their temporary chat files have time to do so before this latest update to the messaging application arrives.

WhatsApp launched temporary messages, which disappear after a certain time, at the end of 2020, while in the summer of 2021 it introduced a function that makes photos and videos disappear immediately after being viewed.

How to turn temporary chats on or off

In the event that you want to activate the function in an individual chat, you have to open the conversation, touch the name of the contact, then “Temporary messages” and then “Continue”, and finally, “Activated”. To deactivate the option, repeat these steps but press “Deactivated”.

In the event that you want to activate the function in a group chat, you have to follow the same steps, only the only one who can do it will be the administrator. So, whoever manages the group, will have to open the WhatsApp group chat, touch the name of the group, then choose “Temporary messages”, continue and select “Activated”. To deactivate you have to do the same, but, in the end, press “Deactivated”.


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