WhatsApp now lets you mute individual users on group calls


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WhatsApp released several new tools last week, including the ability to mute people during group calls. The tool seems to be very useful not only for silencing people who forget to do it themselves, but also in case you’re on the same call with someone you don’t want to hear talking.

While some conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow callers to mute all participants (or a specific one), they generally don’t provide a way for users to use this feature. WhatsApp’s new tool offers a new level of control that is likely to be used in chaotic meetings involving a maximum of up to eight people on a video call (or up to 32 people on an audio call).

In addition to these new mute tools, WhatsApp now lets you message specific people while on a group call, in case you want to comment on something that person said during a meeting or make a joke that can’t be shared with everyone. the group. WhatsApp is also releasing a new banner that notifies you when someone has joined the call after the call has already started.

Last week, WhatsApp announced that you can now choose which contacts can see your profile picture, description, and the last seen status that shows the last time you were active on the platform.

Recently, the developers also announced new features for the desktop version, as well as new emojis for reacting messages and transferring conversations and files from Android to iOS.

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