WhatsApp message reactions: important feature finally in progress

WhatsApp message reactions, message reactions on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is preparing to offer us a feature that we already know from other messengers: WhatsApp message reactions! The function has now been seen for the first time in the Android app, but it will also appear for iOS and WhatsApp Web / Desktop in the future.

  • Message reactions for WhatsApp are on the way
  • The feature first appears in the beta for Android
  • Reactions already offer services such as Signal, Slack, and Facebook Messenger

It seems a bit like WhatsApp has been picking up speed lately in terms of new or improved features. Just remember the option to move from iOS to Android or the extended options for self-deleting messages. Now another new feature is flashing that many WhatsApp users will be happy about – the message reactions!

Message reactions on WhatsApp – long overdue

Actually, the question wasn’t if the function will find its way into WhatsApp, but when. After all, many WhatsApp competitors already offer options for reacting to messages quickly and easily with emojis. The messenger signal, for example, has mastered this trick for some time and company messengers such as Slack also let you send reactions. Even parent company Facebook has long since implemented the message reactions in Facebook Messenger.


WhatsApp iOS to Android chat transfer tool available in beta version

Now the colleagues at WABetaInfo have finally found the function for WhatsApp, which we will probably see there soon, at least in the beta for Android. The option to react to messages with emojis is currently still under development. So we don’t yet know exactly how it will be implemented.

WhatsApp message reaction
This message awaits you if you get a reaction but you are missing the latest WhatsApp version. / © WABetaInfo

But we now already know that WhatsApp will send a message to users who receive a WhatsApp message reaction but cannot see it due to the lack of the latest version. There you will be informed that you have received a reaction from your chat partner and you will be asked to update to the latest WhatsApp version.

The above screenshot was seen in the WhatsApp beta for Android. However, it is to be expected that in addition to Android, iOS will of course also receive the corresponding update. The message reactions are also expected in WhatsApp Web / Desktop. Personally, I like this feature very much and am accordingly looking forward to it, even if it may take a while. But how about you guys? Can you warm up to the news reactions too, or does the feature leave you cold?

Via: XDA Developers

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