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WhatsApp: if these programs are downloaded, the account could be lost

From losing the account until the data is stolen. These are the problems of having unofficial apps.

The promise of having different functions from others or having special designs is the hook with which unofficial applications, such as whatsapp plusinvite users to download them.


However, that decision has a big security risk by exposing your data to unknown developers and the account being closed directly by WhatsApp.

Since a time ago Goal has called people’s attention not to use this type of altered apps, because their data can fall into the wrong hands as they are not official and do not provide the guarantees that a messaging application must have such as end-to-end encryption, protection of data, among others.

WhatsApp Plus, an extensive list of risks


This type of applications, as can also be gb whatsappare obtained outside the official stores of Google and Apple or those of the cell phone itself. Having to download an APK file (an installation format for Android) from a web page and then do the installation on the phone. There, the account is opened with the cell phone number and with that you will access it.

WhatsApp warns that in case of detecting that this service is being used and that the number is not officially registered, the account will be blocked temporarily or permanently, so the number that was used in the unofficial app will be disabled forever and cannot be taken to the platform Goal.

Meta warns that accounts in those apps can be closed.
Meta warns that accounts in those apps can be closed.

This is just the beginning of the long list of situations in which the user can lose, because there is no longer a first problem with the app download process.

Obtaining the APK file from a website runs the risk that it may be infected, hiding some type of malware that affects the computer where the download was made or the cell phone on which it is installed. All the applications that are in the stores of Google and Apple They go through a verification process, so if something isn’t there, question it immediately.

The problems continue because WhatsApp Plus does not offer security conditions, so on the one hand there is no end-to-end encryption and the conversations can be seen by anyone, something that does not happen on the official platform that guarantees that everything that happens in a chat stays there and only participants can read it.

Closely linked to this, there is no protection of user data, that is, it is not known if the information given to have the account and the information shared in the chats reaches dangerous people, something fundamental because in this type of platforms are usually discussed private topics such as bank account numbers, addresses or photos.

In addition to all this panorama, when an application is installed, it also asks for permissions to access different parts of the cell phone, such as contacts, camera, messages and others.

In the end, the user is opening the door for a stranger to take control of many functions of his phone and that today is like letting him into the house.

Meta warns that accounts on those apps can be closed, but also stolen by other people.
Meta warns that accounts on those apps can be closed, but also stolen by other people.

WhatsApp sued developers of fake apps

Goal explained that since May of this year the developers of this type of application have stolen close to a million accounts, since they could circumvent the security systems of the official stores of Google and Apple to gain people’s trust.

For this reason, the company decided to file a lawsuit against the Chinese developers behind these unofficial platforms, because their goal was to steal user information.

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