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WhatsApp: how to send private messages and have them disappear in 24 hours or 90 days

WhatsApp continues to work on expanding the time options for automatic deletion of messages in conversations, which you can set to 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY WHATSAPP

One of the functions of security that can be configured within the platform of WhatsApp corresponds to temporary messages, information established within conversations that can be permanently deleted after it has been viewed a single time or after a certain amount of time that can vary from 24 hours until 90 days after.

According to Web page official message platform, a person can choose to activate temporary messages in all chats or only in those conversations that are selected. If users want to activate in an existing chat, the previous information will be kept within the record and the setting optional will only include the texts that are sent after having established it.

To activate this type of conversations with a particular contact, users must enter the window chat and press the name of the contact. Once inside the details of the conversation, people will have to click on the option of Temporary Messages and set a duration among the options offered by the system. These are 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. All conversations are set to “Off” by default.

Temporary messages on WhatsApp.  (WhatsApp)
Temporary messages on WhatsApp. (WhatsApp)

Is function not only involves individual conversations of users, but are also included in the dynamics of group conversations. In this case, any member of a group chat you can set the start of a conversation only with temporary messages following the same steps above, although this feature may be limited by the administrators in the event that they so decide. That way only they can make this change.

The duration time of the messages It will not be linked to the moment in which the texts or images are read, but the period will begin to elapse from the moment in which users receive the message in their device.

If the person doesn’t read the message before the set time expires, then the message will be deleted anyway. However, it is also possible for the text to be displayed in the form of notification on the device Username.

WhatsApp includes temporary messages as part of the security options in its systems.  (WhatsApp)
WhatsApp includes temporary messages as part of the security options in its systems. (WhatsApp)

The preservation of the text is also linked to the backup copy that any of the people within the conversation perform. If a backup copy is created while the message retention period is active, then its content will be stored in the cloud.

This format of messages is very similar to those that are set to be seen only once and that are active within a conversation of WhatsApp. Your content may not be forwarded to other conversations outside the chat established and screenshots will be prohibited to provide greater security to this kind of texts.

WhatsApp develops an icon to identify the temporary messages that were saved.  (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp develops an icon to identify the temporary messages that were saved. (WABetaInfo)

Security update for temporary messages

In the case of conservation temporary messages within a conversation, the Web page of WABetaInfo indicates that the platform is developing the ability to save a temporary message within a conversation to review it if necessary within a special section of messages saved in a conversation.

However, it is also stated that a complementary function is being worked on indicating that a person can delete messages from this section, which cannot be re-entered into this section by another person.

WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

In the event that a person decides to re-save a message that was removed from the save section, an alert will be displayed on the screen indicating that this action is not allowed.

The message that appears, at least in the beta version of WhatsApp to Android is: “The author of this message has stopped saving it, so no one else can save it again in this conversation”

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