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WhatsApp: how to send a message without the word “forwarded” appearing

WhatsApp account, for some time, with a label “forwarded” that is attached to every message that is forwarded precisely so that the recipient of the content knows that it is something that has already been shared previously.

WhatsApp forwarding feature is a convenient way to capture a message or photo sent to you and share it with others. But when you do, the other person will get a message that it is a forwarded message.

This works when you want to share audio or images, as well as other multimedia files, since WhatsApp will show them as forwarded when they are sent to another person or group.

There is a way to prevent that legend from appearing in messages:

1. Press and hold the message you want to share and the copy icon will appear on the screen.

2. Choose this option to copy the message and then paste it into another chat. That way the content will have been shared without the “forwarded” legend.

3. In the case of videos, photos or other types of files, you must press on said content

4. The share icon will appear. Press there and choose the conversation to which you want to send the message.

Other WhatsApp news

A tool to blur photos

whatsapp is developing a tool intended to blur certain parts of an image without the need for an additional editor app, but directly from the app in the latest beta for Android.

WABetaInfo You have been able to check the extension of this tool in the new WhatsApp beta update for Android through the Google Play beta program.

This is not a new function, since this portal announced last January that the application was testing new functions in the latest beta of its Android app, in its version

Among them, the extension of two new brushes -which expand the possibilities to three- to write or draw on the images from the application itself or edit video, as well as a blur option.

Now, in the new beta of WhatsApp for Android, you can share photos with other contacts by previously blurring certain sensitive details, such as a phone number.

This is a solution that is already available in the WhatsApp application for iOS and that is beginning to be implemented in WhatsApp beta for Android devices.

Secure surveys in groups

The Meta-owned app will have the ability to create surveys directly in the app without using third-party apps or websites to do so. An addition that has proven very useful to its users, especially in groups.

Thanks to this WhatsApp tool, users will be able to ask their friends about the best hotel to stay in a tourist place, or choose a movie to go to the cinema in a group.

How will be the creation of surveys in WhatsApp

As already mentioned, it is a function that is under development with which there could be some changes in the future, but essentially it consists of the following:

1. You must establish the question you want to ask and once this is done, you can configure different answers that the rest of the members can choose if they want any of the proposed options

2. Additions such as image tagging and setting survey activity intervals are generally allowed. And, the latter, quite relevant, because it allows the desired result not to last forever.



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