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WhatsApp: how to log in to the same account on a second device

The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.

Several changes are being evaluated in WhatsApp in the last days. On the one hand, the option of having two mobile devices with the session open at the same time and on the other, the creation of a chat with your own number.

Both tools are currently in the beta version of the Meta application, so it is not known exactly when they will reach the rest of the users in the world.

buddy mode

This test is running on Android devices, for now. What it allows is for a person to open a session on two mobile devices, be it a cell phone and a tablet or two phones.

Until now, what the application allowed was to have the profile open on four devices, but only one of them was mobile, being the central point. The rest of the places could be WhatsApp Web or the application for computers.

The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.  (Image: WABetaInfo)
The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices. (Image: WABetaInfo)

To link the second device can be done by the usual way of the Web version. First download the application on the second device, Tablet or cell phone. When configuring the application, the number associated with the account is not entered, but the option ‘Link device’ is clicked, a QR code will appear there, which must be scanned with the main cell phone and it will be linked.

To close the open session, all you have to do is go back to ‘Linked devices’ and click on the one you want to remove, as it works up to now, maintaining the limit of four places where you can log in.

own chat

This feature is also currently being tested. Basically what it does is open a chat with its own phone number, to have a personal chat that will work as a notepad.

Although there are currently several tricks to have something like this, this tool is much more direct and practical, because it will be linked to the rest of the devices in which the profile is open.

The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.
The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.

To open it, the chat will appear in the contact list initially, after the option to create a group and a community, because once the conversation is created, it will appear as one more chat in the main feed.

Within the conversation you can send the same content as in the others, such as voice messages, images, videos and files, although it is not clear how the video call and call buttons will work. In addition, a (you) will appear right next to our name, to clarify what type of chat it is.

Avatars in WhatsApp

just as they came to Facebook and instagramthe avatars of Goal are already making their way into WhatsApp, at least in its beta version. These digital ‘I’ have two functions, at least for the messaging app. First of all, they can be used as profile photos for each user and also as a sticker to respond in chats.

Regarding the latter, a special section will be enabled for them, where the characters adapt to different gestures and emotions, such as crying faces, love, surprise, happiness and others.

Although it has not been confirmed if finally these avatars will also have a utility within video calls, which is something that was leaked, but in the test version it is not available for now.

Additionally, within WhatsApp You can create the character and also edit. It is not clear if those changes will affect the other applications of Goal or if it will be time to create one for each one.

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