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WhatsApp: how to know how many times my stories have been seen

For a long time WhatsAppproperty of Meta, has the function of stories similar to that of Instagram and Facebook. The also called stories o statuses are publications of a few seconds duration available for 24 hours, due to this quality, it is possible that some of the contacts are interested in see them several times before they disappear.


Although the messaging platform allows you to see who has seen the storiessome users are interested to know how many times have they seen your stories.

To know this it is necessary to follow two easy steps that will take a few seconds.


However, it should be noted that this option has some limitations. The first is that it is only possible to know how many times a story has been seen if you have whatsapp plus and the second is that the other contact must also have WhatsApp Plus.

In case that factor is fulfilled, it is enough to review the stories, that is, go to statelater My status and finally select the eye icon that appears at the back of the menu to know precisely how many times your contacts have watched a story.


It is to remember that This modality only appears in users with WhatsApp Plus and those who have the standard version can only know which contacts have taken their time to play the story.

Who can see the stories

Only people whose phone numbers are stored in your contact book and who have your phone number in their contacts can see your status updates. You can choose to share status updates with all contacts or only selected onesfor this you have to make some adjustments in the configuration.

Change your status privacy


– To touch State.

On Android: Touch More options > State Privacy.

On iPhone: Press Privacy.

– Select one of the following options:

My contacts: All contacts will be able to see the status updates.

My contacts, except…: All your contacts will be able to see your status updates, except those you selected.

Only share with…: They will only be able to see status updates with the contacts you selected.

It should be remembered that settings will not apply to already published stories and that they will only be this way after the privacy changes are applied.

Share statuses on other platforms

One of the main ideas of Meta is that there be unification between Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, so that users feel comfortable between applications, leaving aside cumbersome situations such as searching for contacts or making the same publication on each platform manually. Thanks to this ambition, the company mark zuckerberg has added options like sharing stories on Instagram and Facebook from the comfort of a button.

Despite that, when a story is shared on another associated profile, WhatsApp will not share account information with Facebook Not with other apps. To share states from WhatsApp to other applications, the following steps must be followed:

– To touch State.

– Create a status update on: Android | iPhone

– There are two options for sharing content depending on whether you want to share a new or an old status update:

To share a new status update: On My statusto touch Share. Note that option Cshare it will disappear if you switch to another tab.

Share old status updates: Tap My status on the iPhone or touch Plus beside My status on Android. then touch Plus next to the status update you want to share, and then touch Share.

In the sharing destination tray, select the app you want to share the status update with. With this, the story will appear immediately on the selected platform.


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