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WhatsApp has an update to use the application simultaneously with the tablet

Device synchronization on WhatsApp could be done on a maximum of four at the same time.

A new update of the instant messaging application, WhatsApphas started its beta phase and will allow users of the platform link a tablet to an existing account.

As reported by WABetaInfo, version of WhatsApp for Android devices has a Buddy Mode which is still in its development phase, but which allows users to link multiple devices to use the same account without the need for both to share the same phone number.

Although it has not yet been officially launched, this mode of operation is being used by the new update of the social network Goal to be able to perform this synchronization test with external devices.

With this new feature, use WhatsApp on a Tablet will already be possible through the apps and not from the browser that is available, as it has to be done to this day to be able to enter the account as if it were an access from a computer desktop or a laptop.

Furthermore, with the Buddy Mode, it will be possible to link up to 4 different devices, including a Tablet. In order for users to access this feature, they will need:

– Enter the WhatsApp Settings (from a different device than the main one)

– Click on the option Linked Devices.

– Scan the QR code that will allow to start the synchronization of the information between the devices.

Synchronization with other devices in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)
Synchronization with other devices in WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

From the moment the link is made and the previous messages are already available from the Tablet, the main device (smartphone) could stop using data cell phones or have internet access, but messages and notifications they will still work from the paired device.

In addition, in the event that the user has at his disposal a device Android and other iOSBuddy Mode will be able to seamlessly link both through the same app account. WhatsApp.

Because this functionality is still in its betain future updates its operation could be modified, change of features or add other additional features, so there is no release date yet.

More features in its beta version

A new update to the beta version of WhatsApp for devices iOS will allow users to search for messages using a given date as a reference instead of just keywordsas is currently done within the app for both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp (WABetaInfo)

This new functionality will be available for both group chat as for personal conversations within the messaging platform, so the path to access it is the same in either case:

– Enter a WhatsApp conversation and click the button Settings.

– Within the drop-down menu, locate the option Search.

– At the top right of the keyboard iPhoneyou will find an icon in the shape of a calendar. Click on it.

– will display a search by date and the user will only have to establish one to be able to start the search.

This function is also not currently available for iOS device users and an official release date has not yet been announced, so its inclusion within the messaging platform system could be in the next update or several months later.


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