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WhatsApp has a new update: reactions with emojis and shared files of up to 2 GB

After a long time waiting WhatsApp finally adds to the new update the expected ones emoji reactions to messagesas well as the opportunity to share files up to 2 GB in weight.


Through its Twitter account, Meta’s messaging platform said that As of this May, users will be able to start enjoying these new functions.

“In the coming weeks, we will roll out the ability to share files up to 2GB and add more people to your groups so you can continue to create and nurture meaningful private connections.”

emoji reactions

Although in his Twitter message he did not add anything about the reactions with emojis, in his official blog he said that these too They will arrive in the next update.


“For us, it is a pleasure to be able to announce that the emoji reactions are now available in the latest version of the app. The reactions are fun, fast and also reduce message overload in groups. In the future, we will continue to improve this feature and add many more expressions,” she said.

It recently emerged that the reactions would be with any of the available emojis and would not be limited to a few. For example, users will be free to put a reaction with the emoji of pizza, devil, crown, flowers or any other in a comment. However, according to what the platform said on its blog reactions will be limitedat least initially and more will be added in the future.


In the image shared on the blog of the social network there will be four possible reactions: hands together, red heart, smiley face and thumbs up. For now it is only certain that those are available.

Share large files

In addition to the reactions with emojis, which are the most anticipated update of the platform, the latest update will allow share files up to 2 GB in one goand with end-to-end encryption protection.

This increases the previous limit, which was 100 MB. “We think it will go a long way in improving collaboration between small businesses and school groups.” To prevent people from running out of data, the messaging application recommends that when files of this size are to be shared, a Wi-Fi network.

Download and upload counter


In addition to the previous options, WhatsApp will integrate a counter with which users will be able to know how long they need to finish downloading or uploading files.

WhatsApp announced that it is working to launch an improvement that can be added up to 512 people to a group.


Last month the messaging platform announced the Communities feature. “Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring together different groups while maintaining a structure according to the needs of each case.”

Users can get updates sent to the entire Community and organize smaller discussion groups to talk about what’s relevant to a group of people. This modality will provide administrators with tools to send messages announcements to members of all groups or assign the group to which the information will be shared.

“We believe that the Communities option will make it easier for a school principal to share the most important updates with all parents, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or volunteer needs”, WhatsApp asserted.

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