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WhatsApp group administrators can now delete any message

WhatsApp. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

WhatsApp continues to add new and exciting features to its mobile apps (and desktop). The latest that is testing the app owned by Goal is to give more power to group admins.

How? give them the full control of the conversation and provide the ability to remove content from all participants.

According to Wabetainfo, in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, group admins have the ability to delete messages from other participants for all members of their group. Of course, this feature is limited to beta users and is available on WhatsApp for Android version

This feature, although available in beta, is not available to everyone. If you want to check if WhatsApp has enabled this feature on your account, It is very simple.

You simply have to try to delete a message sent by another participant in a group of which you are the administrator. If the feature is enabled for you, it will appear “remove for all”, similar to private chats.

A function that was already tested at the end of 2021

The option to delete sent messages appeared on WhatsApp in mid-2017 and has since become a staple feature for WhatsApp users. messaging app.

Over the months, the platform has improved with features like temporary messages. And now, the app seems to be gearing up to get another option for group leaders.

Via WhatsApp Beta, WABetaInfo discovered in December of last year this new functionality in development and managed to enable it to be able to provide its readers with the first screenshots of a function that It will be well seen by the administrators of the groups.

Administrator of a group in WhatsApp deletes message from another user.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
Administrator of a group in WhatsApp deletes message from another user. (photo: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp group administrators will be able to delete messages for everyone

If you compare the moderation capabilities that the administrator of a WhatsApp group has with other applications, the truth is that they do not have enough options to do. Something as simple as deleting a message from the group, no matter who wrote it, it couldn’t be done.

This is the great novelty now implemented in WhatsApp: the administrator can delete a message. The concept is simple: the admin of a group can delete any message for everyone, even if they didn’t write it.

Delete messages for everyone in WhatsApp groups.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
Delete messages for everyone in WhatsApp groups. (photo: WABetaInfo)

Other news that come to this WhatsApp beta on Android

Along with this new functionality, the latest WhatsApp beta also includes more new features. The possibility of view status updates within the chat list is also present.

In addition, now the app allows, if it is of personal pleasure, to see the states within the chat list, you can disable it from the status tab so that they no longer appear in the chat list. Of course, for now, only in beta.

Statuses on WhatsApp.  (photo: WABetaInfo)
Statuses on WhatsApp. (photo: WABetaInfo)

How to activate Single View in WhatsApp

Before proceeding, it is recommended download the latest version of whatsapp available for your device on the official app store of Google either Manzana.

08-04-2021 'Single display' in temporary messages POLITICS INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY WHATSAPP
08-04-2021 ‘Single display’ in temporary messages POLITICS INVESTIGATION AND TECHNOLOGY WHATSAPP

Once you have it, you must do what we explain below:

– Before sending a photography or video In a chat, look at the bottom, next to the writing space, for a number 1 inside a circle.

– Once located you must press it.

– When I do WhatsApp will notify you that the file has been set to view once.

– After that you can send the file with the arrow on the side.

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