WhatsApp for iPad: will there be a native iPad app soon?


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WhatsApp for iPad app, WhatsApp app for iPad

As part of the multi-device system, WhatsApp could finally develop a native iPad app. It would not only be a premiere for the Messenger from Facebook, but the developers would also comply with the wishes of many users, which they have been expressing in vain for many years.

  • WABetainfo has released screenshots showing that an iPad can be connected to its main WhatsApp account
  • Instead of going via WhatsApp Web, multiple devices could rely on a native app

WABetainfo, the unofficial but generally reliable source for WhatsApp messages and leaks, has posted several screenshots through their official Twitter account that could show the second phase of the development of the multi-device feature.

• Is WhatsApp for iPad a web app? No, it’s a native app!
• Will WhatsApp for iPad work independently? Yes.
• Is WhatsApp for iPad already available? No.
• WhatsApp beta for iPad? If you have WhatsApp beta for iOS, you will automatically have the iPad version in the future. https://t.co/aQYBBtW7Sb

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo)
August 21, 2021

The long-requested feature enables users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices without always having to be logged into the main phone. WhatsApp is currently testing this multi-device function to a limited extent in its latest beta version.


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Screenshots released by WABetainfo on Aug. 21 show that users can connect an iPad and use it across devices. What is even more interesting, however, is that, according to the website, this option will be based on a native app and not on WhatsApp Web as before.

If these rumors are confirmed, finally there will be a WhatsApp app for iPad for iOS users. WABetainfo also reports that Android tablets will also benefit from the multi-device function.

This “Multi-Device 2.0” is still under development and apart from the screenshots mentioned above, there are no specific indications as to when the iPad app will appear.


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