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WhatsApp Desktop continues to evolve: new features for chats

WhatsApp will allow you to open the app on two mobiles at the same time

Since last November the Desktop version of WhatsApp has made the big leap on Windows with the release of the UWP app , at least on the Beta channel. A nice step forward, but there is still a lot of ground to recover on the general experience, and update after update the development team is adding new pieces that make the app more complete and coherent both graphically and in terms of functionality, and therefore close to future distribution on the stable channel.

After the news for chats introduced at the beginning of April , with the addition of archived chats, now they come with version 2.2216.4.0 of the Beta of WhatsApp UWP: let’s see in detail what it is.

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The novelty introduced is very simple, but it helps in the management of the numerous chats that accumulate within the messaging services over time. It is in fact a filter for chats that allows you to choose between four different criteria : unread chats, those with contacts in the address book, those with contacts not registered in the address book and finally group chats.

The operation is intuitive: just click on the icon of the three lines to the right of the word “Chat” to access the options, select one and then see the list of chats below, skimmed accordingly and then populated only with the type of conversations indicated.

To get this function you need to have downloaded the latest Beta version of WhatsApp UWP from the Microsoft Store

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