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WhatsApp Business and its option to create communities with anyone

WhatsApp Business. (photo: WWWhat’s New)

The ‘Communities’ in WhatsApp have allowed different groups that work or talk about the same issue to come together to send important communications or announcements and now WhatsApp Business will have this same tool.

An important fact is that only those who manage the community can send messages in this group. When they join a community, anyone can add them to a group and they automatically become part of the announcement team.

Also, as a member you can see how many participants there are in the community and mute group notifications from notices. And it is that the social network, To complement WhatsApp communities, it also rolled out new features for group chats, including reactionsshared use of files, calls with more participants and controls for administrators.

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WhatsApp Communities icon.  (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)
WhatsApp Communities icon. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

how to get it

In order to obtain this version, the user will have to make sure that they have the latest update of the application, which will be the beta version for Android will be available at Google Play Store.

This new version allows organizing communities into subgroups with a capacity of up to 512 participants. So far, the ‘Communities’ option is available in Android, iOS and the computersalthough in standard version.

Some users already have this format in the application menu, in the “Communities” button, as indicated WABtainfo and their purpose is that this tool reaches more countries in the world.

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The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.
The app has its own tool for users to create their own custom GIFs.

WhatsApp allows you to send HD photos

Meta developed a new function that allows the user to share photos without the need to alter or reduce their megapixels, where people can send them with their different friends and relatives in WhatsApp Web. However, the possibility of making this option available for smartphones is also being studied.

To send photos in the original quality, WhatsApp has three tools for you to choose the quality of the photos or videos that you are going to share on the social network, in which it is “Automatic”, “Best quality” and “Data saving” , so you can choose the best one for your preference.

But now a new function was added “HD quality” on the platform, with which you can share the photos with your contacts in the highest quality that WhatsApp Web can. However, to perform this action you will need to have the Beta version of the social network on your iOS or Android device.

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You will then be able to access WhatsApp Web on your computer and link your account as normal with the code QR. Choose the conversation you want to send the photo to and the Imagen editor and there you will find the “HD” tool, with which you can maintain the quality of the file.

The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.
The app is testing self-chat and linking on two devices.

Transcribe voice messages to text

A version of the WhatsApp update for devices with the iOS operating system includes a new function as part of the Meta messages application that consists of the text transcription of voice memos that are sent by other users in a private chat.

WABetaInfo assured that the function is in the development phase, since work began in 2021 but it was not until now that any news regarding the operation of this additional feature of the application could be seen.

This new function would not involve an application or an additional extension that can support WhatsApp, but rather this will have the particularity that it will be done internally within the platform’s systems.

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