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WhatsApp animated stickers: six new packs of animated stickers have been added.

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The WhAatspp sticker series has been well promoted: there are six new packs of WhatsApp animated stickers have arrived in messaging application. They are currently available on Android and iPhone phones. You can add them all to your phone in just a few easy steps.

Not that WhatsApp is one of those messaging apps that constantly releases news through major updates, but it doesn’t need it either: it has a large number of users and no more active ones. Although it did not stop the gradual progress, it still had to be carried out function by function. Even in terms of customization: WhatsApp’s catalog of animated stickers has also increased considerably. At least it was used by WhatsApp.

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6 high-quality WhatsApp animated stickers that you can install within seconds

Animated stickers in WhatsApp can be added in 3 different ways. In your own “Play Store”, download the pack of stickers from the Google Play store or use the editor app to create stickers from scratch. All three ways are equally effective, but generally do not achieve the same quality of stickers. Obviously, the official stickers usually win the game.

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Since WhatsApp used stickers in the app in 2018, the list of available stickers has grown. Whether you are using Android or iPhone, adding them to the application is very simple.

  • Open a conversation in WhatsApp, then click on the emoji icon. Click on the label with the folded corner. If you are an iPhone user, click the icon directly, the icon with a curved corner.
  • By clicking on the “+” icon, You will visit the “store” tag. All new packages are displayed at the top. Add your new favorite packaging stickers by clicking the download icon, you just need to select the downloaded packaging to send them in conversation.


You can download any WhatsApp sticker pack – the stickers will be accessed in a horizontal list, so you can send a specific sticker with just one click. You must remember that they take up space on your phone, especially animated stickers; if you have enough storage space then this is not a real problem (static storage space is usually around 300KB; animation storage space is 3MB). You can remove them from the “My Stickers” section at any time.

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What are the six animated stickers that just appeared on WhatsApp? Let’s take a look at the list.

  1. Betakkuma 2
  2. Woman Cactus
  3. Egg and Chup
  4. Square Cheese’s Daily Life
  5. A burdensome Piegon named Eagle
  6. Realistic Rabbit

Now, the collection of WhatsApp animated stickers have more than 40 packages; it comes with various packages that can only be installed in certain parts of the world (unless you know the download link). The current collection is very rich and of high quality, it allows you to share emotions through simple labels and it is constantly (and somewhat slowly) expanding. Also, you can always create your own stickers, even animated stickers.

Article Source: XatakaMovil


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