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WhatsApp and Facebook down: Instagram also stops working in global outage

“Half the Internet is down”, I just read on Twitter! And indeed: on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook nothing seems to work on Monday, October 4th. A test message on WhatsApp does not come through and the feed on Instagram does not load. For TechMarkup, I’m on the trail of the matter, and here are the solutions that you can try out.

  • Apparently, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are down
  • Services are unavailable on Monday evening (October 4th)
  • Solutions are difficult because apparently, the Facebook servers are malfunctioning

Monday is known to be the worst day of the week! And for an employee on Facebook this week it will be especially special. Because both Messenger WhatsApp, as well as Facebook and Instagram, are down in the evening. After many readers went to our articles on problems with WhatsApp, problems with Instagram, Facebook down, I tried the connectivity once.

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A test message on WhatsApp does not come through from my apartment in Berlin, with the Fairphone 4 and Vodafone as an internet provider. The feed on Instagram doesn’t load either. Experience has shown that this indicates a problem with Facebook itself and in this case, there is not much you can do. Only changing the DNS server is a conceivable solution, as was the case recently with Slack.

Update 1: WhatsApp posts statement on Twitter

The WhatsApp support team has now reported on Twitter. There they write:

A valid solution for you is unfortunately not included. At least we know that Facebook apparently knows about the disruption. In the meantime, Twitter has declared the alarm status red with the hashtags “#WhatsApp Down“, “#Facebook Down” and “#Instagram Down”.

Since I am currently unable to reach my friends on WhatsApp anyway, I still keep an eye on the problems! In the meantime, switch to a WhatsApp alternative if it’s really urgent. I keep my fingers crossed that Facebook will get going again quickly!

Instagram Stops Working

Talking about Instagram down, Roughly more than 8000 users reported about Instagram not working in no time. The problem is stated to be with the server connection. Similarly, about 4,000 users reported a Facebook service outage on Downdetector, with the service claiming a problem with the website, app, and server connectivity.

A similar outage happened on March 19, 2021, resulted in WhatsApp and Facebook down Worldwide

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