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WhatsApp and Facebook are the most used social networks in Mexico for a reason

The social media they are extremely important, because they help connect people regardless of distance, they are also a source of entertainment, they help to find information, they can make purchases, and more. However, each region has its own preferences, and in the case of Mexico, the leader is WhatsApp.


According to data from Statistical published in January 2022, WhatsApp, from Meta, is the social network with the most users in Mexico (94.3%). This means that people have a greater preference for chatting, making voice calls and video calls.

In second place is Facebook (93.4%), and in the third, with 80.5%, is Facebook Messenger. According to BrandMean average user in Mexico, until 2021, used around 29.6 hours per month within the appwith news and entertainment publications being preferred.


In fourth position is Instagram (79.1%), in fifth place is TikTok (70.4%). In the case of the short video platform, Internet users spend an average of 17.2 hours and most of them are teenagers.

The following social networks occupy the subsequent positions of preference among Mexicans:


– Twitter, 56%

-Pinterest, 46%

-Telegram, 39.9%


-Snapchat, 29.8%

-LinkedIn, 21.6%

-Discord, 15.7%

-iMessage, 15.2%

-Reddit, 12.2%

-Tumblr, 8.4%

Statistical, points out that in 2019, approximately 77 million people were users of social networks in Mexico. This number is expected to exceed 95 million in 2025. At the beginning of 2021, the percentage of the Mexican population with access to social networks reached 77 percent.

The same statistical measurement platform points out that since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Mexico, daily consumption of digital content has skyrocketed. Among social network users, Facebook users increased the most minutes spent on the platform, spending about 35 minutes more per day compared to the period before the outbreak began. Likewise, the traffic of users of the Facebook Messenger app grew during the most serious time of the pandemic.

On the other hand, the data from hoot-suitepresented in the Overview of social media usein Mexico, there are 102.5 million users of social networks in the country, in addition, each year their number has increased by 2.5% on average.

Most of them spend about 3 hours and 20 minutes a day on their different social media profiles. The majority of users are women (54.4%) and men are less (47.6%), in addition to January 2020 to January 2021, the number of users went from 89.0 million to 100 million.

measurements of hoot-suite coincide with those of Statisticalpointing out that the three most used networks among Mexicans are, in descending order: WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Among the main reasons for using social networks are:

– Keep in touch with friends and family (62.8%)

– Read new stories (47.1%)

– Discover content (45.0%)

– To occupy free time (44.7%)

– Search and buy products (34.5%)

– See things to do or buy (32.4%)

In this way, it can be said that WhatsApp is the platform that most Mexicans have downloaded and that almost everyone uses it for keep in touch with your loved ones.


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