Home Tech News WhatsApp allows you to regret deleting a message and resend it

WhatsApp allows you to regret deleting a message and resend it

WhatsApp allows you to regret deleting a message and resend it
The application now allows you to undo the deletion of a message.

A common mistake when deleting a message in WhatsApp is to delete it with the ‘For me’ option, which creates an uncomfortable situation because the other person is going to receive the content and we will no longer be able to avoid it. Now the application created an option to avoid experiencing something like this.

the platform of Goal added a button to undo the deletion in these cases, with a panel that will be available for five seconds to change the action and not delete the message, whether in text, audio, video or image.

This possibility will only be allowed when pressing the button ‘Delete for me’because when doing it in ‘For everything’ the content will inevitably be deleted in the entire chat, something that is not a problem because it will be enough to write it again or choose the photo or video and repeat the process.


This novelty began to be included in the last hours both for users with cell phones with operating system iOS like in Android, without making any previous updates and you do not need to be a member of the beta version.

If this new function is not available, you will have to wait during this week or update the application to the latest version.


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The app now allows you to undo the deletion of a message.
The app now allows you to undo the deletion of a message.

editing messages

While the function to undo the deletion of a message becomes official, from WABetaInfo They ensure that the platform is developing an option to edit content that has already been sent.

This possibility will be part of the options panel that is displayed when clicking on a shared message in a chat.

Clicking on the Edit button will return the content to the text box for the user to change to their liking and resubmit.

At the moment this function would not show any notification or history that the message was altered, so the person who received it will not know that a change was made, as it happens in other applications such as slack either Discord.

Being an option that is under development and only in beta versions, there are still details to be determined such as the time the user will have to make the modification and the number of times, since this could affect the scope of this function.

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Avatars for WhatsApp.  (photo: Goal)
Avatars for WhatsApp. (photo: Goal)

How to create an avatar

A function that is already available in WhatsApp is the possibility of creating an avatar per user. With options to choose different skin tones, physical build, hairstyle, eye color, facial markings and clothing, or making a scalene of each one’s face so that the system adapts the best option.

These characters serve to include the application in part of the metaverse of Goal and they are used to create stickers with them and profile photos.

To create your own, follow these steps:

1. Touch on the Setting by WhatsApp.

2. Press on Avatar > create your avatar.

3. Follow the steps indicated on the screen.

4. touch okay.

With the character created, the user will have the option to put it as the profile image for their account, this can be done as follows:

1. touch settings either Setting.

2. Touch on the profile picture > Edit > Edit.

3. Select the option that says use avatar.

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