WhatsApp, a faster way to reply to desktop messages is coming

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The May of WhatsApp opened with an important novelty, namely the arrival of reactions to messages for all announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself . But the messaging service, as we know, is constantly evolving, even if it often involves minor changes and changes, difficult to notice without receiving the right indications.

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The greatest flow of news arrives on the Beta channel, and often to find them you have to dig into the code of the latest versions. And this is precisely the case of the last function identified by WaBetaInfo in version 2.2218.0 of the beta of WhatsApp Desktop : let’s see what it is.


Within a chat you can reply by quoting a message, we know this. On a smartphone, to do this, you need to swipe to the left on the message we want to replicate, while on the Desktop you need to position the cursor over the message, click on the arrow that appears at the top right of the balloon and select from the drop-down menu that opens the ” Reply ” option .

We can do better, let’s say: and in fact there is an easier way to respond to messages in the pipeline , as can be appreciated from the screenshot you find below.

Whatsapp desktop

To the left of the bubble, near the reactions button, you can see an unprecedented shortcut that serves to reply to the message with a simple click , thus making the procedure not only more visible to the user, but also accessible in a much less cumbersome way and more immediate.

The function, as anticipated, is under development, and we do not know when it will be integrated into the Beta, nor therefore how long it will take before finally seeing it available for everyone on the stable channel.