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What’s new in GTA Online Weekly Update (16 September)

GTA Online weekly update

The GTA Online Weekly Update for September 16, 2021, is here, offering players many new discounts. This is the first update since the Los Santos Tuners DLC version.

Last week, on September 9, the last LS Tuners’ car to be added to GTA Online was Karin Previon. To keep the GTA Online buzz continuing, Rockstar Games has updated the game’s perks and discounts to keep players interested in-game.

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We’re always hoping for some GTA 6 news in 2021, the Expanded and Enhanced edition coming later this year. GTA 6 will come in 2022.


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GTA Online Weekly Update (September 16)

The September 16th GTA Online Weekly Update is now available. The event week will continue until September 23 at 01:00 PST / 04:00 EST / 09:00 BST, when the next event week will begin.

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Take a look at the benefits and discounts of the current Event Week.

What’s new in GTA Online this week?

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Podium Vehicle this week

Principe Lectro Motorbike in $997,500

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Discount Offers




All Bicycles 100%  
Shitzu Hakuchou Drag 40% $ 585,600
Vulcar Warrener HKR 30% $882,000 / 661,500
 Maxwell Vagrant 40% $ 1,328,400 / 996,300
Pegassi Vortex 40% $ 213,600
MTL Dune 40% $ 780,000 / 831,000


Property & business discounts in Weekly Update:

Discounts on Property and Business in GTA Online Weekly Update is following



All Clubhouses 40%
Renovations Clubhouses 40%
 Counterfeit Cash Factory 50%
Weed Farm 50%
Document Forgery Office 50%
Supplies 50%


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With the strange move of Rockstar Games, the biker company received a bonus, but it was only selective. This week, the three most profitable motorcycle businesses, weeds, document counterfeiting, and counterfeit cash, are paying double CTA $ and RP. Coca-Cola and Meth still pay the usual amount.

You can also get Biker clubhouses at a 40% discount, giving this the ideal moment for gamers who have been thinking about purchasing it.

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