What would anime characters look like at the 2022 World Cup?

After four long years of waiting, the 2022 World Cup is finally among us, starting next Sunday (20). People from all over the world wait anxiously for the start of the games.

But, what if we count that there is even anime character getting in the mood for the highly anticipated soccer championship? That’s what the profile user hot anime 🇧🇷@animesselecao) imagined in his arts, which were published on the social network.

There are several works, one better than the other. It’s worth visiting the profile to check it out. However, we separate some for you to enjoy right here. Enjoy!

1. Luffy | one piece

hot anime

It’s not just the soccer team that has a captain, the leader of the Thousand Sunny also holds that position. The only thing missing was a personalized armband to support Brazil. one piece shows the saga of Monkey D. Luffy in search of becoming the King of the Pirates and, like the hexa, he has been in this endeavor for over 20 years.

2. Yugi | Yu-Gi-Oh!

 hot anime

Yugi Mutou doesn’t just collect duel cards and certainly already has the World Cup sticker album completely filled, at least in the part of the Brazilian National Team. In Yu-Gi-Oh! it’s the Monster Duel that moves the plot, but we really want to know here in the real world: does our team have an “ace up its sleeve” to bring the hexa?

3. Deidara | naruto

 hot anime

The hand of the youngest member of the feared Akatsuki does not deceive anyone: doidinha to snatch the Cup cup for the Brazilian National Team🇧🇷 And if we consider Deidara’s personality in addition to the green and yellow outfits, we are also very proud of the national team.

if naruto managed to become a hokage after years of trying, our team can also bring being hexa in 2023! Let’s put the hopscotch, there?

4. Jahy | Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

 hot anime

If conspiring inside a kitchenette to bring the Kingdom of Darkness into our world is not a difficult enough task, imagine cheering for the CBF team to bring the hexa to Brazil.

We hope that the dream of the sixth championship will not be destroyed, as it happened with Jahy’s crystal, in Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!🇧🇷 Cross your fingers!

5. Uruha Rushia | hololive

 hot anime

Casimiro is not the only famous youtuber who is in the spotlight when it comes to the World Cup, vtuber Uruha Rushia is also in the six-star mood. Now that she’s left Hololive, a Japanese virtual youtuber company, who knows, maybe she can dedicate herself more to our fans, huh?

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6. Hatsune Miku

 hot anime

Now our team gains more voice with the fans of none other than the talented Hatsune Miku. Have you ever thought about how the most famous themes of the World Cup sung by her would be? Remembering that there is a version of Waka Wake in the character’s vocaloid🇧🇷 Worth seeing again:

7. Goku | Dragon Ball

 hot anime

Of course, the most revered anime character in Tupiniquin lands could not be missing. We’re talking about Goku, Dragon Ball – which needs no comments. Saiyan is so loved in Brazil that he has his commemorative date celebrated in an event around here, “Dia do Goku”, taking fans to the streets, just as the World Cup will do from November 20th.

So let’s raise our hands and make this Genki Dama of good energies for Brazil to bring the sixth championship! For more content like this, stay tuned here on TechWorld and enjoy the news of the 2022 World Cup!

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