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What will happen to the production of the iPhone 14 after the global chip crisis

Illustration of the iPhone 14. (photo: GQ Spain)

It seems that the iPhone 14 it is ready to go into production and neither the political situation nor the chip crisis would be an obstacle in the company’s plans to put these new phones into distribution.

Once again it’s Ming Chi Kuothe famous filter that has made the news available to the main media and technology portals, also states that according to the contacts it has in the manufacturing area of ​​the apple company, It is the other manufacturers and brands of devices that would present problems and delays due to the political tension in the Asian region.

All this implies that the new models of the most famous cell phones in the world would not present delays and, on the contrary, would mean an exception in Apple, since repeatedly their products have reached the market after the planned date; like the Apple Watch, that arrived a month late at the warehouses due to complications in the supply chain.

Apple has plans to get the new phones into production on time (Photos: Apple)
Apple has plans to get the new phones into production on time (Photos: Apple)

In any case, it could be said that this has been a developing story that has kept iPhone “fans” on edge, since a while ago when Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the cell phones would be manufactured simultaneously between the Republic of China and India, some Internet users expressed concern about the escalation of political tension and lThe visit of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

The foregoing, because the island of Taiwan is a key geographical point for the production of electronic devices, in fact, this small country is considered the cell phone factory in the world.

But what worried the most “geeks” of technology was not Pelosi’s visit to Asia in general and broad strokes, but specifically his meeting with some of the companies that supply components and services for Applesuch as the chip-producing company TSMC or the Pegatron factory chain.

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The Iphone 14 will not be delayed in its production. (photo: MacRumors)

Then, people on the internet were speculating that China in a retaliation move would not allow shipments and exports to companies in the countries that the speaker of the House of Representatives visited earlier but according to Ming-Chi Kuo, these are nothing more than assumptions of the people.

“Although some investors have recently worried that the mass production and shipping schedule of iPhone 14 models may be affected by geopolitics, my latest survey indicates that there are currently no supply chain impacts of iPhone 14 models. iPhone 14″, he stated.

In conclusion, if all these statements end up being true, the iPhone 14 would arrive in Apple stores on time and in the four models that the company designed for this new version of phones.


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