What VDM: she gets stuck at the bottom of the toilet trying to save her smartphone

The story takes place in Quilcene, Washington State (USA). A place where Americans like to recharge their batteries by hiking around Mount Walker. The area has its share of picnic tables accompanied by toilets in the middle of nature. Obviously, in these areas, there is not necessarily mains drainage and therefore whoever says toilets says above all a small wooden hut, with latrines: in other words, seats with a hole in them with a large pit in -below. Which never smells very good and has another consequence, as you will see, major for the rest of this story.


Dropping your smartphone in water, whether in the swimming pool or, even if it is rarer, in the toilet bowl can happen. In the second case, as long as your smartphone is waterproof, recovering it generally means pinching your nose a little, taking the device out of the bowl, then disinfecting it. Knowing that your smartphone screen is probably dirtier than a properly maintained toilet seat, in itself, that’s no big deal – and it just makes for a fun little story to tell.

Her smartphone falls into the toilet pit… she ends up falling there too

Except that if the same thing happened to you in a latrine, the device would disappear into the hole before crashing, a few meters below, amid the buzzing of flies. There, a real choice arises: either try to recover the device at all costs… Or just mourn it and rush to the nearest Apple Store to buy yourself an iPhone 13 or to a Samsung store to put the hand on an S22 Ultra or the Fold that you secretly want so much. Quite frankly, we cannot say which is the most reasonable choice.


But in the story that we are going to tell you, the protagonist preferred to opt for the first option. And it is difficult to conclude anything other than “it ended well, in the end”. Even if it also means that this person must have gotten stuck in a false at m… septic for a while, covered in excrement, waiting for help. Local firefighters tell the story in detail (we really hope you’re not at the table…). Tuesday afternoon, the walker passes by one of these famous huts to relieve herself before her smartphone escapes her and disappears into the pit.

Alone, and with no sign of civilization around, she then decides to dismantle the seat, hoping to be able to fish out the device herself. For this she starts by using dog leashes at hand. Then, unable to do so from the outside, she finally decides to use the leashes in question to harness herself, in order to get closer to the surface of the excrement. But, wham, nothing holds, and here is the poor lady who falls into the pit “head first” as the firefighters say. The poor lady thus finds herself in spite of herself stuck in the worst possible place, without the possibility of extricating herself from it on her own.


For 10 to 15 minutes, the poor, completely panicked hiker does everything to get out of this pestilential hole. She then puts her hand on her smartphone which, fortunately, still works, then manages to call for help. Once on the scene, the firefighters manage to quickly get the hiker out of the pit, and bring her a first complete cleaning which necessarily was essential. Firefighters continue: “She was strongly encouraged to go to the emergency room after her exposure to human feces, but she decided to leave instead.” They believe that the accident victim probably “very lucky”.

“I had no experience of these kinds of rescues before, but I know this is not an ideal place to get stuck”, said one of the rescuers. Have you ever dropped your smartphone in an unusual place? Tell in the comments.

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