Today’s recommendations come from a recent Netflix release, a documentary you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of Terminator and two films that were already taking a long time to appear on these lists.

we meet again with arnold schwarzenegger after the success of his series fubar while, on the same platform, we meet the Barracuda queens. In addition, we return to the future and the past together with Marty McFly and Doc and we enter the world of the mafia in the purest British style together with Matthew McConaughey.

Barracuda Queens (Netflix)

A group of friends from a wealthy neighborhood in Stockholm decide to start robbing the houses of the rich after discovering that they are completely in debt. With this premise, he comes from Sweden Barracuda Queensa story that seems to have been custom-written for the platform of the big red N, but is actually based on real events that happened in 1995. How sad it is to be poor… Oh no, wait, if these girls don’t were.

Back to the Future (Prime Video)

After watching the documentary Michael J Fox, Stillwe could not not recommend Return to the future. Marty McFly, his friend Doc (Christopher Lloyd), his trips to the past and the future, the Delorean, Johnny B Goode and that clock in the square that has existed since the days of the western gave us some of the best films about time travel that have existed. Directed by robert zemeckisIt is one of those sagas that we will never tire of seeing.


The last time we saw him was in 2019, in the last movie of Terminatorbefore making the leap to streaming platforms with his new (and first) series, fubar, which has become one of Netflix’s greatest hits in recent days. After watching him play a CIA agent on the verge of retirement he discovers that his daughter is also an undercover spy for the agency. arnold schwarzenegger returns to the platform with a docuseries in which the former governor of California reviews his personal life and career: from bodybuilding champion to Hollywood icon and politician.

The Gentlemen (HBO Max)

In 2019, the director Guy Ritchie decided to join Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell and charlie hunnamamong others, to create an action-comedy thriller in true British style. The Gentlemen tells the story of a drug lord who decides to sell his empire to a dynasty of Oklahoma billionaires. “You have a great time”, we wrote in our review 4 years ago.

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