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What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Denis Villeneuve brought forward Dune at a difficult time for Warner, which was dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Economic fluctuations and the closure of cinemas led to the hybrid model between theaters and HBO Maxof which it was speculated that it could sink the box office of a blockbusters as expensive as adapting Frank Herbert. Luckily it was not like that, and now you can watch the film on the aforementioned HBO Max while you prepare for the premiere of the second part this November 3.

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‘Dune’ (HBO Max)

Still from ‘Dune’

Herbert’s foundational novel turned David Lynch in the 80s, causing him to walk away from Hollywood forever. Such was the grim precedent Villeneuve was faced with, but luckily the box office responded and critics did too, ensuring that he could get on with part two to finish adapting the book. Today is as good a day as any to review Dunes: Part 1or find out if it’s a big deal just a few months after the theatrical release Part 2.

‘Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy’ (Netflix)

sweet tooth
sweet tooth

This April 27 came to Netflix the second season of sweet tooth. The subtitle of the deer boy received in Spain describes the protagonist of a fantasy fiction that speculates on a cataclysm that devastated the world. Gus (Christian Convery) joins a family of other hybrid children just like him to search for answers. The series is based on some DC comics, and managed to dazzle the public in its first season with its emotion and atmosphere. Since new chapters have just arrived, it is a good time for the marathon.

‘Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax’ (Amazon Prime)

Still from 'Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax'
Still from ‘Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax’

Guy Ritchie surprised locals and strangers in 2021 with the premiere of awaken the furya muscular proposal for action that served as a reunion with Jason Stathamhis fetish actor since Lock & Stock. Operation Fortune It is a somewhat different proposal, however: the blows are diluted, and the convoluted espionage plot intensifies with a magnetic aubrey square accompanying Statham. Ritchie, who rolls as fast as his characters talk, has already released his latest film in the US, The Covenant with Jake Gyllenhaal.

‘Love after love’ (Netflix)

Poster for 'Love after love'
Poster for ‘Love after love’

Netflix has a new batch of series every week. One of the most recent is The love after Love. It’s about a biopic Serial format musical that investigates the figure of a fundamental singer-songwriter of the Argentine scene: fito paez. interprets him Ivan Hochmanwith the series paying close attention to his love affairs and how they affected his music throughout the 1990s.

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