What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Sunday, September 24, 2023

The great phenomenon of the summer has been the Barbenheimer. The coincidence on billboards since its premiere Barbie and Oppenheimeroriginally received with memes, has given rise to a fan passion for both films that, first of all, have left a miraculous box office (capable of saving the furniture for hollywood in a very hard year) and secondly to spectators thirsty for them to jump into the streaming to submit them for careful review. There is still time for Barbie I arrived at HBO Maxbut…

Background noise (Netflix)

… In return Background noise can be a good substitute. That is, the creative duo of Barbie: Noah Baumbach as director and his partner Greta Gerwig as leading actress alongside Adam Driver. The film makes a creditable adaptation of the original novel by Don DeLillowhich hilariously also returns to some of the themes of Barbie. do you remember? Margot Robbie saying “Do you ever think about death?”? Well that is literally the center of Background noise.

The Father (HBO Max)

The presence of death is also powerful in The fathera devastating play that its creator himself, Florian Zeller, he wanted to take to the cinema. They then starred Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkinsthe latter with a heartbreaking performance (deserving of the Oscar) of an old man who begins to suffer the deterioration of his mind.

Hunters (Amazon Prime Video)

Another outstanding performance, by one of our most veteran and beloved actors, is found in this addictive series of Amazon Prime Video. Al Pacino stands at the center of a secret organization dedicated to hunting Nazis, surrounded by faces like Logan Lerman either Josh Radnorthe Ted Mosby of how I Met Your Mother. There are two seasons with many dead Nazis, so they have their own.

The Irishman (Netflix)

Al Pacino also appears in the Irishalong with fetish traces of the cinema of Martin Scorsese as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. All of them undergo a CGI rejuvenation that caused a lot of talk in its day, and although it is indefensible, it does not dramatically affect the indisputable merits of this three and a half hour drama. An exorbitant duration that Scorsese himself has even extended to The Moon Killers, his next film. Better to go training.

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