What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Sunday, September 17, 2023

Season by season, Netflix He makes every effort to surround himself with the most distinguished authors, with the sweet hope that the film they produce within him will break into the Oscar circuit and win the main statuette. This year has high expectations in The Killer of David Fincher as well as in Countwhich has just been added to the catalog Pablo Larrain. Will these titles be able to maintain critical support and hold out until next year’s round of galas?

The Power of the Dog (Netflix)

The power of the dog He held on. And in fact Jane Campion got the Oscar for Best Director, in a highly applauded decision by the Academy, but the main prize slipped through his fingers. She ended up at CODAanother production of streaming (of Apple TV+, specifically), whose unexpected victory made people think that the Academy hated Netflix. Maybe, if you catch up with this magnificent westernshare this impression.

Jackie (Amazon Prime Video)

It remains to be seen how it works. Count. For now she already has an award for Best screenplay at the Venice Film Festival, but there is still a long way to go and it does not aim to be a before and after in the career of Larraín, a marvelous filmmaker who has never failed to get it right. This film, dedicated to the president’s wife Kennedy and benefited from a great interpretation of Natalie Portmanproves it.

Interstellar (HBO Max)

At the upcoming Oscars, it is quite likely that Christopher Nolan have a great presence, thanks to how much you liked it Oppenheimer. Nolan is, on the other hand, a director who is very beloved by the public, and one of the times he best connected with him (for emotional purposes) was with this space opera where I wanted to emulate Stanley Kubrick intensifying humanism through the broken gaze of Matthew McConaughey.

Earwig and the Witch (Netflix)

Meanwhile, another of the most anticipated films of the year is The boy and the heronwhich is the new job of Studio Ghibli and the farewell to Hayao Miyazaki as director. There are already people who have seen it and the reviews point to it being fabulous, much better than the immediately preceding Ghibli film. Here is Miyazaki’s son, Gorowanted to experiment with 3D animation, and although the result could be improved, it is interesting to review it before The boy and the heron.

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