What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Sunday, October 1, 2023

The race of Gareth Edwards It is most interesting. In 2010 she filmed Monsters with a ridiculous amount that still did not hinder his imagination, and today The Creator makes headlines for barely having cost 80 million dollars and look so good: quite a rare bird of hollywood. Edwards has, then, a quite profitable affinity with science fiction, which gave some problems with his contribution to Star Wars (RogueOne) but not so with his second film, which today appears among our recommendations.

Godzilla (Amazon Prime Video)

It was Gareth Edwards’ second job: a quick jump to Hollywood to join a franchise that required large scenes of destruction. And Edwards gave them to us, but with a surprising strategy when it came to distributing the monster’s screen time. Based on this godzilla It has no shortage of detractors, but the premiere of The Creator It is a good opportunity for you to check which side you are on.

The School of Good and Evil (Netflix)

Edwards’ career aside, within Netflix we have the latest from Paul Feig, who brought us My best friend’s Wedding and the reboot feminine of Ghostbusters. The school of good and evil It distances itself a little from these hooligan comedies because it is set in a school style Hogwarts where students learn to be villains or storybook heroes, but Feig’s style is evident in the power of the actresses recruited, led by Charlize Theron and Michelle Yeoh.

Tuca and Bertie (HBO Max)

And since we were talking about feminine presence, few more honest glances have been taken at her daily experience than Tuca and Bertie…although its protagonists are birds in a series very comfortable in surreal animation. This work, signed by one of the creators of BoJack Horsemanwill dazzle you first by the lysergic tone of its work, and very soon after by the humanity of its characters.

Private life (Netflix)

And since we were talking about everyday life and humanity, Private life It is something that it has plenty of, and that allows it to easily establish itself as one of the best films that Netflix has in its catalog. Direct Tamara Jenkinsand the protagonists are Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn playing a veteran couple trying to have a child in various ways.

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