Sunday is not a day to think a lot: if you’re lucky, you have the afternoon free and you don’t want to go through demanding entertainment, so your thing is to enjoy an action festival… that can also mask somewhat more complex ideas.

The show does not have to avoid depth, and among the many exponents that prove it today we bring you four recommendations that will guarantee a Sunday that is as playful as it is intellectually stimulating. The best kind of Sunday.

Princess Mononoke (Netflix)

This epic film, banner of Studio Ghibli, is full of massive battles and amputations that destroy the idea that animation is designed for children. But also, as usual in Hayao Miyazakicontains weighty reflections on nature and the narration is led by wonderfully ambiguous characters, who you will not be able to classify as the first of good or bad.

The West Wing of the White House (HBO Max)

throughout his work Aaron Sorkin He has described characters that simply only exist in his imagination: no one is that ingenious, no one is capable of holding dialogues with so many ideas and such impeccable handwriting. Sorkin squeezed these stylistic traits to the full in what is his most famous series, and one that politicians and political scientists love to quote from. Yes, maybe a lot of this dialogue is demanding, but if you understand it as action scenes or fireworks it becomes easier.

Fast & Furious 9 (Amazon Prime Video)

Ok, here you will not find much depth. What there is is a philosophy about the family that has allowed fast & furious be the only superhero franchise immune to decline, as just made clear Fast & Furious X. The secret ingredient? That these people believe what they say, and also with fast & furious 9 it happens that the family still had the director with them justin lin: there were months left for him to get fed up with Vin Diesel.

Cobra Kai (Netflix)

Inquire into the legacy of Karate Kid It could involve a lot of kicking and fighting, but if you gave Johnny Lawrence the lead (william zabka), the original villain, it was clear that you wanted to do something more elaborate. so there it is Cobra Kaiabout to come to an end with six seasons, updating the saga and giving us characters whose contradictions cannot only be resolved on the tatami.

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