What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, September 9, 2023

Summer is behind us, and a September arrives that in Spain has promised in style to end the hot spell (in favor of torrential rains) while the cinematographic news is marked by the influx of international festivals. This is what partly explains that the flow of large blockbusters calm down a little, and that as a direct consequence the platforms of streaming They seem like a good option if for whatever reason you don’t find anything interesting on the billboard.

Dear White People (Netflix)

You don’t have to watch a movie, in fact. There was, Dear white peoplewhich so captivated with its racial positioning that the director, Justin Simienit didn’t seem like a bad idea to expand the story into a series. Dear white people has intensified Simien’s fame in the industry enough for him to flirt with a series of Star Wars Focused on Lando Calrissianand although that has not come to fruition, his leap to the streaming It earned very good reviews.

The Warren File: The Conjuring (HBO Max)

You currently have it in theaters the nun 2but since it is the second part of what in turn turns out to be a spin-off of a very broad franchise, you may be intimidated by everything you would have to see before. So why don’t you leave the nun 2 for later, and you start at the beginning: the Warrenverse of james wanwith all its monsters and urban legends, was developed thanks to the thunderous success of The Conjuringwhich first introduced us to the marriage of Ed and Lorraine Warren solving mysteries between jumpscares.

Belfast (Amazon Prime Video)

Without departing from the billboard, you may have heard that next week we will have another movie from Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot. Mystery in Venice happens to Death on the Nileand this in turn Murder on the Orient Express. In between, Branagh joined the fashion of directors making autofiction and catapulted belfast to the oscarthanks to a remembrance as melancholic as it is precious.

Carter (Netflix)

Back on Netflix, Carter is a total guarantee of strong emotions. It is a film from South Korea like the great success of the platform streaming, the squid gamebut on the other hand this delves into the epic and pyrotechnic action, with choreographies and camera movements that advise us not to leave its director aside, Jung Byung-gilfrom our radar.

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