What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Hollywood writers’ strike has come to an end. The performers grouped under SAG-AFTRA They are still on the streets, but in the meantime the industry may begin to return to normal as writers return to certain projects, which are now majors They give priority. Netflixfor example, is in a quagmire with the forced stoppage of filming, since two of its most popular series depend on a growth in youth performers against whom it is better to hurry up and continue filming.

Wednesday (Netflix)

One of these series is, obviously, Stranger Thingsand the other is Wednesday. It is the series that we recommend today, which only has a first season yet (unlike Stranger Things, which consists of four) but for that reason it offers a certain ease to get hooked in case you haven’t done so yet. His attractions are evident: the charisma of Jenna Ortegathe legacy of The Addams Family, Tim Burton directing…

Saw (Amazon Prime Video)

This weekend another film from Saw. The tenth, no less, that has suddenly found itself with the best reviews of the franchise according to the (questionable) standards of Rotten Tomatoes. It even surpasses the score of the original film, the one that started it all, but don’t fool yourself: the first installment he directed James Wan remains a memorable horror show, which is never too late to discover. The consequences are already such.

The Megalodon (HBO Max)

Another sequel that has caused people to talk this summer is Megalodon 2: The Pit. It has managed to compete at the box office with megatons like the Barbenheimer or, in the Spanish sphere, Campeonex of Javier Fesser. Today the film is already available on HBO Max, but if you are curious about the phenomenon, perhaps it would be best to start at the beginning. With the first delivery, where as it also comes out Jason Statham there is nothing to fear.

The prodigy (Netflix)

Finally, and if the interpretation of Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer (something likely, since her time on screen was fair), perhaps it is a good idea to look at another of her most recent films, where fortunately she is the main protagonist. This Irish production is headed by Sebastian Leiloand has enough twists and surprises to recover from Pugh’s unpleasant presence in the famous film Christopher Nolan.

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