What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, September 23, 2023

Little by little the autumn weather is rising, which this season is especially rainy and therefore likely to leave us confined at home, with fortunately platforms of streaming full and full of content. Afternoons where nothing fits better than a series that hooks you with its twists or historical deeds, or films that do the same through the charisma of great established actors.

Who is Erin Carter? (Netflix)

This series is quite recent, and shortly after it premiered it had a great audience in the catalog of Netflix. After all, it is made of the material with which series are made capable of converting subscribers to the Big N in addicts. His protagonist is Evin Ahmadand the thriller full of untimely revelations in which it happens that it also happens to be set in Spain.

Victory Time (HBO Max)

Not long ago we knew that HBO I decided to cancel this series as soon as the second season ended. Contrary to what you may think, it should not prevent you from getting with Victory Time: The Lakers Dynasty, because although his tour of the sporting exploits of this formation will remain unfinished, you still have a handful of fun and intense chapters around the different intrigues that basketball can convey. Captained by John C. Reilly.

The Minamata Photographer (Amazon Prime Video)

Just yesterday it was released in Spain Jeanne du Barrywhich turns out to be the return to cinema of Johnny Depp after the earthquake caused in Hollywood by his ex-wife’s accusations Amber Heard, and the resulting judgment. Between his departure fantastic beasts and his refuge in Europe, Depp starred in this biopic from the photographer W.Eugene Smithsent to work in a Japanese city that would change his life.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Netflix)

This week has also been plagued by rumors regarding the cast that Quentin Tarantino is recruiting for what would be his last film as a director. This is The Movie Critic, and as a cinephile reflection I would draw a direct line with his previous film. One that, for many, is his great masterpiece, as a dreamlike investigation into the Hollywood of 1969 and the last? days of Sharon Tate.

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