What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, September 16, 2023

This weekend is going to be one of those in which Netflix shows its chest not only as the giant of streaming what it is, but also as one of the majors of Hollywood that seems most committed to auteur cinema. Another thing is that later this will help you to get the Oscar for Best Film (which keeps slipping away time and time again), but it is true that the platform has managed to ingratiate itself with top-notch directors. As Pablo Larrainwhich has just been released Count. EITHER Adam Sandlerwith whom he has a most fruitful relationship.

Diamonds in the Rough (Netflix)

In case the last sentence made you feel condescending because you don’t consider Sandler a prestigious figure, you better take a look at Rough diamonds. The actor, who has a very profitable contract with Netflix (the latest exponent is the comedy No way are you invited to my bar mitsvahwhich stars his daughters and has had good reviews), gave an outstanding performance in this black comedy from the Safdie. That he was not nominated for an Oscar was shocking.

As You Like It (HBO Max)

This weekend it opens Count, we said, but turning our gaze to the cinemas we find a new adaptation of the work of Christie Agatha in charge of Kenneth Branagh, Mystery in Venice. Branagh is a born and very enthusiastic adapter, and you have further proof of that in this little-remembered film from the 2000s, where Bryce Dallas Howard leads one of the most famous comedies of William Shakespeare.

Spencer (Amazon Prime Video)

Returning to Larraín, the Chilean director has already built a very compelling career, between his native country and Hollywood. In recent times he has shown interest in iconic women, who had to face the great earthquakes in history. An example is Lady Diwhich interpreted by Kristen Stewart stars in the very peculiar Spencer.

Don’t look up (Netflix)

Another thing that has been good for Netflix is ​​ingratiating itself with someone like Adam McKay. A director who, after his shift from absurd comedy to political satire, has met with great applause. Don’t look upin particular, sparked a huge debate around Christmas, and is at the top of Netflix’s most-watched list.

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