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What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, May 27, 2023

What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Saturday, May 27, 2023

yesterday arrived The little Mermaid to theaters around the world, and since it is not that the consignment of remakes of Disney where it is framed has a very prominent reputation part of the conversation raised has come from the presence of the veteran Allan Menken and lin manuel miranda on the soundtrack, and Rob Marshall directing.

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This filmmaker, who came directly from broadwaydebuted with Chicago and has signed several musicals throughout his career, but he has also tried his luck with the most luxurious melodrama. Maybe it’s time to check how she did.

Memoirs of a Geisha (Netflix)

Marshall adapted the best-seller of Arthur Golden, moving away from the bombastic musical numbers to immerse himself in the most rapturous period drama, setting up the turbulent story of Chiyo, sold at the age of nine to a geisha house in Japan. The cast, led by Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li and ken watanabeachieved the credibility necessary for the film to win 3 of the 6 Oscars for which it was nominated.

Ex Machina (HBO Max)

If you’ve been bitten by the itch to discover how some of the directors who are now leading the movie-going conversation got their start in movies, it might be interesting to dive into the filmography of alex garland. Director of menu began as a screenwriter for titles as impressive as sunshine either 28 days laterand finally he was encouraged to go behind the cameras in this gloomy piece of science fiction, where oscar isaac and Domhnall Gleeson deal with the revulsive cybernetic feminism that champions the face of Alice Vikander.

Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime Video)

Or maybe you prefer to watch a series, and remember how much fun you had with jack ryan in movies like The Hunt for Red October either patriot game. In the movies this clever CIA analyst created by Tom Clancy had the face of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford either Ben Affleckuntil the time came when Amazon thought it would be very helpful to give it its own series, and resorted to the prominence of john krasinski.

Inglourious Basterds (Netflix)

Maybe, like everyone else, you’re worried about what he’s up to Quentin Tarantino for his latest movie. After once upon a time in hollywood he wants to continue making a profit from his cinephilia (he is going to focus on the story of a film critic), so it makes sense to remember when, moving to World War II, he imagined a Jewish revenge at the hands of Melanie Laurent and, precisely, a movie theater. A movie theater with the power to annihilate Nazis and change history.

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