The controversy of shared accounts has undermined the image of Netflixcombined with other equally unflattering issues such as the loss of one of the star talents of his quarry. Mike Flanagan has given the platform its biggest applause through the horror series it has put on its feet, but after shooting the next The Fall of the House of Usher has decided to go to Amazon. It might not be a bad idea to remember why this is such an extreme loss for Netflix.

The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix)

After signing a stupendous adaptation of Stephen King (Gerald’s game) with Netflix, Flanagan set his sights on what is considered the best haunted house novel in history. The Haunting of Hill House of Shirley JacksonAlthough Flanagan has the fondness that he has and the freedom of his recreation happened to make use of several features extracted from the work of, yes, King. For this reason, surely, he connected so well with the audience, to the point of giving rise to a prolific association that is coming to an end now.

I Don’t Like Driving (HBO Max)

How to extract something dramatic from a situation as inane as a forty-something who wants to get his driver’s license? Borja Cobeaga He knew how in this stupendous comedy, teaming up with the most appropriate actor to turn the anecdote into gold. is the face of Juan Diego Bottofinally, the one that represents the melancholy and human wealth of I don’t like to drivesurrounded by Lucia Carballo, Leonor Watling either Carlos Areces.

Portrait of a Woman on Fire (Amazon Prime Video)

Celine Sciamma It is the best thing that has happened to French cinema in years. He had already shown it in movies like water lilies either tomboywith exquisite sensitivity queer framing the journey to maturity, but ended up being Portrait of a woman on fire his most popular movie. Thanks to the power of the premise, the burning romance and two immeasurable actresses: Adele Haenel and Noemie Merlant.


Unicorn Shop (Netflix)

We have become accustomed to seeing Brie Larson starring blockbusters after winning the Oscar, being very celebrated his appearance in Captain Marvel. Here he formed a great comic duo with Samuel L Jacksonand curiously only a couple of years after both appeared in the directorial debut of the actress from The room. a drama indie very special and tender that is worth discovering.

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