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What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Monday, May 8, 2023

What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Monday, May 8, 2023

Two great Spanish productions lead today’s recommendations. Two series that have become a success on platforms: the first, the adaptation of a novel by Almudena Grandes; the second, a thriller starring Michelle Jenner and Ana Polvorosa That will present you with a moral dilemma.

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We take this opportunity to add to the list in the form of a tribute and a last look before its end to a series nominated numerous times for the Emmys and, if after the weekend and the marathon of Queen Charlotte You’ve been left wanting more period romance, we suggest you see the quintessential queen of films of this genre again.

Barry 4T (HBO Max)

It’s our turn to say goodbye to Barry. After 5 years and three seasons, this contract killer with dreams of being an actor played by the Emmy winner Bill Hader ends its story with the fourth and final installment of the praised HBO Max series. With numerous Emmy and Golden Globe nominations behind it, including for Best Comedy Series, the production created by alec berg and Hader himself is nearing his end with his protagonist in jail and looking for redemption.

Doctor Garcia’s patients (Netflix)

It was one of the most anticipated adaptations by Almudena Grandes readers. Set in Spain in 1946, it tells the story of Dr. Guillermo García Medina (javier king) and his friend, the Republican diplomat Manuel Arroyo Benítez (Tamar Novas), who saved his life in 1937 by helping him obtain the documentation that freed him from the wall. Almost 10 years later, these two friends meet again to carry out a secret mission: infiltrate a clandestine organization to evade criminals.

You would too (Disney+)

Ana Polvorosa, Pablo Molinero, Michelle Jenner, Paco Tous, José Manuel Poga either Elena Irureta premiere the series written and directed by david victoria (you shall not kill) and jordi vallejo (screenwriter of The innocent). The story begins with a robbery in a bus that connects several cities near Barcelona with the airport, where three robbers die, while their murderer manages to escape. The case goes viral on networks after investigators discover that the six witnesses have made a pact of silence to protect the fugitive.

Pride and Prejudice (Prime Video)

pride and prejudice It does not need excuses to be recommended, but we will say that, if after the renewed fever for period romances that has led to the revival of the premiere of Queen Charlottespin-off of The Bridgertons, you have been left wanting more, what better story than the story of hate and love between Elizabeth and mr. Darcy to return us for a few hours to that time when a suitor declared his love at dawn surrounded by fog. Where there is a mr. Darcy, keep the dukes and earls out of the way.

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