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What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Monday, May 22, 2023

What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Monday, May 22, 2023

Today we are in rescue plan and it is that some of our favorite actresses have released a movie in theaters this weekend, so we interpret it as a sign to recommend some of their most praised projects. In addition, with the excuse of the arrival of devotion to the platforms, we take the opportunity to also recommend a classic of Tom Cruise. As a series of the day, we propose the documentary with soundtrack of Hans Zimmer which premieres the second season today.

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Prehistoric Planet 2T (Apple TV+)

How could they not beat us with a documentary about animals from the prehistoric world when the soundtrack comes from the hand of Hans Zimmer. The first season of this documentary narrated by david attenborough It took us 66 million years back in time to discover the dinosaurs that inhabited our planet. After being nominated for Best Animated Special and Animated Effects at the Annie Awards, prehistoric planet returns with another 5 new episodes.

Little Women (HBO Max)

The premiere of A good person in theaters with Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh as protagonists it serves as an excuse to recommend the film that definitively put Pugh on the Hollywood map. little women earned her BAFTA and Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominations for her portrayal of Amy, Jo March’s little sister who, under the direction of Greta Gerwig, managed to win over viewers with his strong and proud character and his feminist ideals. In addition, it also serves us to honor the director while waiting for the premiere of Barbie.

A small favor (Netflix)

Anna Kendrick stars in theaters Alice, honeya thriller about a woman who rediscovers herself and her friends after the psychological abuse suffered by her boyfriend, which has reminded us of another of the actress’s most brilliant works: a small favor (film that we will not tire of recommending, with the permission, of course, of Giving the note). The Kendrick-Lively duo was just what we didn’t know we needed back in 2018 when this film was released about Stephanie (Kendrick), a young blogger mom who decides to investigate the disappearance of her sophisticated and mysterious friend Emily (Blake Lively).

Top Gun: Maverick (Prime Video)

Last Friday we recommended devotion, the film based on true events about aviators that can now be enjoyed on Prime Video. We’ve put this weekend in between to give you time to see it, and now that we’ve got our interest back in aerial adventures, we highly recommend Top Gun: Maverick, because what better than the return of one of the aviation classics to continue obsessing over airplanes. 36 years after the original, in 2022, Tom Cruise he returned to play Maverick to show us what life had thrown at the character after becoming a Top Gun aviator.

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