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What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Friday, May 26, 2023

What to watch today on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video: Friday, May 26, 2023

Today is the premiere of the live action of The little Mermaid so you can already imagine one of the recommendations… In case you have forgotten its history a little. Added to it is a new anime, the story about some friends who decide to get rich selling coke and the adventures of a forty-year-old in his attempt to get his driver’s license. A bit of everything and for all tastes, here are our recommendations for today.

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Fish Tail (Netflix)

In the series (and we assume in real life too), coming across a ship loaded with cocaine is always the biggest get-rich-quick temptation. At least, that is what happens to Eduardo (Jose Condessa), the protagonist of the new Portuguese Netflix series who, together with his friends, decides that this sunken ship on his island is the perfect opportunity to make his most cherished dreams come true.

Paranoia Agent (Prime Video)

Prime Video includes among its titles this critically lauded anime about a graphic designer from Tokyo who, after creating a very popular mascot, falls into depression after being left out by her envious colleagues and enduring pressure from her boss to return. to create a new doll with the same success as the previous one. One night, she is attacked by a boy with skates, Shounen Bat, who is famous for hitting people with a bat in the middle of the night.

The Little Mermaid (Disney+)

Today the live action of The little Mermaid made by halle bailey Therefore, among our recommendations, the original animated film from 1989 could not be missing. With that red hair, green tail and purple shells, that mermaid who dreamed of going to the human world made all the children dream of everything opposite: living in a marine world where a crab and a fish are your best friends. Starting today, the new generations will have another little mermaid to dream about, so it is up to us to remember the one that made us dream.

I Don’t Like Driving (HBO Max)

Some find it more difficult to get the card, others less, but it is always more complicated for those who decide to do it when they are no longer so young and around forty. Director of I don’t like to drive, Borja Cobeagais inspired by his own story to tell the problems that Pablo faces (Juan Diego Botto), a university professor who, when forced to enroll in the driving school, meets one of his students (Lucia Caraballo), who becomes her desk partner in this difficult task of learning to drive.

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